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Why Are We Together

Updated on July 30, 2011

We are together for the good and the bad; for your ups and my downs. To see your smile and that twinkle in your eyes. In order for you to take my frown and transform it upside down, as you have done too many times to count.

There’s never any doubt when those bad thoughts of yester year show up, you will always be there to sooth the pain as well as reducing the hurt. We are together for those times when I need to tell someone something I possibly could never tell another person. For all those times I need to have a midnight talk due to the fact I can’t sleep.

Those times when I desired to get dressed and go anywhere. I always know I have a good date to rely on. We are together when I need to talk a situation or a scenario again and again until it’s clear my crazy mind. You are the person who understands my craziness even if I have no clue why.

You are the one that will share a midnight cocktail beside me when I feel so lonely. Those times when I need to cry for no reason you will allow me to cry and never cause me to feel shame when I am crying for no apparent reason.

Those times when I know I’ve done something to embarrass myself; you make light of it and let me know not to worry because you love me anyway. Those times when I have made the wrong decision, and you would never once say I told you so.

Those times when I felt the world was against me, I turned around and you alone were standing there to hug me after which made sure I knew you would always be there for me. We are together because life would never mean as much without you as it does right now with you in it.

No one can provide the kind of love you have and making me feel they way you do. I am with you because you are the only one when I am talking about nothing will still listen and provide a solution to something that amounts to practically nothing. To answer why we are together, it’s because there is no one I would ever desire to be with or ever imagine spending the rest of my life with other than you.


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