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Why Can't We Forget Love

Updated on September 8, 2013

Can't Forget Love

Ready To Love Again

Ready To Love Again?

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I Can't Forget Love

Never Thought
I Would Miss You
The Way I Do.
It's True.
Can't Forget You.

Took Love for Granted.

I was Playing Games.
You were True.
Hate I Lost You.

Just wasn't Ready.
So Unsure.
Now I know
Love is pure.

Still Reminisce
On Things You've Done.
Makes Me Think
You Are The ONE.

Many Things
I Won't Forget.
Love is Real.
I Miss That.

Love is Pure,
Can't Forget.
Just Can't Seem
To Let Go Yet.

As Time Goes On
We Grow Apart.
My Foolish Games
Your Broken Heart.

First I'm In
Then I'm Out
You Stay True
No Doubt.
I Kept You Out
Of My Heart.

Never Gave Up,

On Loving Me.

My Heart Didn't Love You

The Way You Need.


On The Days We Spent
The Nights We Spent.

The Love We Knew
is with Someone New.
Is it True?
Now I'm Blue.
I Love You.

Are you Happy?

Can't Forget
The Day We Met.
No Intent
To Cause Resentment.
Still Regret.
I Couldn't Commit.

Now Days Go By
Sometime I Cry.
Asking, Why?
My Eyes
Won't Dry

It's Too Late,
Stuck in My Head,
Wish You Were Here
To Lie in Bed.

Çan't Relate.
Your Life Is Great.
Without You Here
Thoughts Devastate.

Miss your Touch
Miss your Kiss
I'm Stronger Now
This is It...

Embrace the Fact
Our Love is Past
But It Still Last
In My Heart,

Cause I Can't Forget Love.


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    • worldonedigital profile image

      Clay Brooks 5 years ago from Chicago, IL

      Thanks Dmac..

      Well Said.."What's real will last forever"

    • profile image

      Dmac 5 years ago

      Awesome poem, just know whom ever you lost know everything happens for a reason our lives are pre destined. What's real will last forever.