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Why Celebrity Dates And Marriages Fail

Updated on November 15, 2012

Male Celebrities Dating Mistakes

For many years now, people all over the world have wondered why most relationships and marriages involving celebrities fail when actually it is supposed to be the opposite with all the comforts and facilities that aids life involved. In this very article, we are going to get some vital answers to this unanswered century question, so don't be in a hurry to go.

Celebrity marriages fail not just because of the fame and money involved, but because of the choices of the people involved. How do I mean?

Now what I mean is this- most celebrities make choice of either romance or marriage partners for the wrong reasons. Still wondering how? Read on…

Haven carried out a thorough research on this very topic, I can boldly tell you that majority of the celebrity men choose their romance or marriage partner based on physical appearance and glamor. Please don't get me wrong; I am not saying that it is wrong to choose a date or a life partner based on their beauty, of course that will be totally wrong for me to say because physical attraction which comes with physical beauty is a very vital requirement for any relationship or marriage to work, but it is totally wrong for a man to base his choice of date or say woman on just physical beauty alone, and you may ask why? Because any relationship or marriage based on just physical looks alone, will hardly last long as we all know that there is a limit to how physically pretty one can look as the clock ticks?

The above point is one of the major reasons why most celebrity dates and marriages fail in the world today. I want to also remind us that this celebrity dates and marriage failure syndrome is not just peculiar to Americans and Europeans alone, it is also the same in Africa and Asia.

Some months back, a popular preacher and two times Nigerian presidential candidate, Pastor Chris Okotie divorced his second wife, and just recently, Justin Bieber and his ever loving girlfriend, Selena Gomez parted ways in a heartbreaking manner, so it is not just a racial or geographical syndrome but a global syndrome that needs to be addressed generally. Now, let’s get back to the topic.

Attraction should be a wholesome thing and not a one-factor affair else such attraction will only last for a short period and never stand the test of time.

What I mean is this: a man should be attracted to a woman not just based on her physical beauty alone, but based on the woman's whole personality. Now, what do I mean by ‘whole personality’? This comprises of- physical looks (which is vital for sexual attraction, etc), character, manner, attitude, mental reasoning, intelligence, hobbies, dislikes, chore values, belief, orientation, and other things. These are what makes up a complete attraction that last, and these are what majority of normal people look out for before accepting to date or marry someone, and that is why majority of ordinary people relationships and marriages last longer and not just lasting longer alone, but stays happy.

How do we expect a man whose relationship or marriage choice is based on the woman's bosom size, buttocks size and other irrelevant canal qualities to last forever when it has been proven that physical qualities of every human being diminishes with time irrespective of plastic surgery or not?

In as much as these qualities are essential for vital sexual attraction and bondage, they are frivolous when it comes to sustaining a relationship to remain loving and lasting. So therefore, any relationship based entirely on those qualities, can hardly stay happy and long, and that is what majority of celebrity men base their relationships and marriages on, and that's why they always loose passion and interest in their relationships and marriages with time, hence the failures.

Female Celebrity Dating Mistakes

On the other hand, female celebrities base their choice of partners (relationship and marriage partners) on wow qualities. They hardly look out for crucial qualities in a man they want to date; instead they look for extreme physical appearance, finance, fame and material wealth.

So many women on a normal basis, dislike what most celebrities do but wouldn't mind dating or marrying such celebrities just because they want fame and publicity, and at the same time a happy lasting relationship, how possible?

Many a women exist today that hate watching indecency movies, but they wouldn't mind dating or marrying a porn-star celebrity for the money and fame, hoping to change him to become that kind of man they dream of, which hardly works.

Now, how do we balance a situation a woman who hates watching indecent movies agreed to marry a porn-star just because of the money and fame he has, and at the same time hoping to change him to become a prince charming that will treat her right and love her faithfully forever? This is one major problem with most women who marry celebrity men, so when they end up with this absurd decision and gets to find out that it is impossible for them to change the celebrity in question, they get pissed and want to quit the relationship or marriage.

Or am I to talk of women who for their own personal reasons, do not cherish men of God or simply preachers, but probably just like listening to their words, and for the fact that the preacher is a celebrity with fame and wealth, a woman goes ahead to say yes I do to him, hoping to accommodate him and mold him into her taste.

Now tell me, how do we balance this situation? How do we expect such a relationship or marriage to last happily forever when actually one of the parties involved are in for the wrong purpose- to become famous?

There is something I want us to look into in details, please pay attention to this.

One major mistake most celebrities do is that they go into relationships and marriages just for the wow personality of the person like I said earlier, and not for the real attraction (as explained in the previous paragraphs above) they feel for the celebrity man in question.

Now I want us to get a clearer view of this. Let’s take for instance that you as a woman decides to marry a man because he is a celebrity and has fame and money. Now what would happen after you have agreed to date or marry this celebrity guy and he spoils you with gifts, money, cars, houses, jewelries, etc, and you finally get enough of all those material and financial satisfactions you had been craving for, and it is time to meet the true personality of the man you agreed to marry- a man whose character, attitude, manner, belief, actions and almost everything you disliked and blindly or intentionally said yes to due to your selfish quest for materialism and fame, what then becomes of the relationship or marriage? Of course doom!

This is the case with majority of celebrity dates and marriages- their true personalities (character, manner, belief, physical appearance, mental reasoning, etc) as described in the earlier paragraphs are often times hidden behind their fame and wealth, so that most people who makes the choice of going on a date or marriage with them are often times blindfolded by the fame and financial enrichment they possess, which in turn leads to total ignoring of their flaws either intentionally or unintentionally, and hence, when the person that agreed to date or marry them gets enough of the fame and wealth they had to offer to them, they have no other option than to want to meet the true personality of the celebrity man or woman they chose to date or marry, and in the process of doing this, they end up discovering the uncountable flaws of the celebrity person that were buried under a glamorous public personality, hence the failure of the relationship or marriage.

Let’s use the relationship between Kim K. and Kanye West as an example. I can boldly tell you that these two presumed lovers are yet to meet their individual true personalities, reason you see them trying to paint a glamorous picture of their presumed lovely affair to the world in an attempt to belie their fears. This can also be seen in Kim K’s opting for a plastic surgery to keep Kanye attracted to her, because she knows what’s at stake if she fails to hold on to that initial sex appeal she used to magnet Kanye.

On the contrary, we can see true love based on real and wholesome attraction emanating from Barrack Obama and Michelle’s affair. Without being told, one can clearly see the real attraction between the two, not just based on physical and material reasons, but on a wholesome attraction, and that is why their marriage will go a long way.

Remember, this article is not in any way trying to condemn celebrity dates and marriages, nope, but it is trying to critically examine some of the major reasons while celebrity dates and marriages which ought to have been the most successful dates and marriages in the world over, always fail. Again, this article is not only meant to uncover the reasons why celebrity dates and marriages fail, but to also enlighten and guide people (celebrities and non-celebrities) on how to make their relationships and marriages work and last long by going into relationships and marriages for the right reasons.

To that effect, I want to advice people to please stay away from dating or marrying people just because of their glamorous public personalities constantly displayed on medias because if you do without being attracted to the person based on his or her entire true personality outside their fame and wealth, you will definitely regret making such a frivolous decision someday. Stay cool, stay inspired, watch out for more inspiring and informative write-ups from me, follow me now on twitter to get frequent updates on my latest publications here and on my personal blog. Cheers!

Why Do Celebrity Dates & Marriages Fail?

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    • accofranco profile image

      accofranco 5 years ago from L Island

      Kejanny , thank you so much for the inspiring comment, I feel honored. For long, this very question had been unanswered, and as part of my dedication to answer those unanswered questions why relationships and marriages fail, based on responses I do receive via personal mail from readers of my personal blog, I have decided to research on this topic, and the result is what I tried as much as I can to present here for all to read and learn.

      Thank you once again for stopping by, cheers!

    • Kejanny profile image

      Kejanny 5 years ago from Port Moresby

      This is a well-written hub, full of good relationship advice and I like your analysis and presentation of the real underlying reasons why celebrity dates and marriages, or any dates and marriages for that matter, fail. Any relationship based only on physical attraction and material reasons lacks depth and I consider it to be fake or false attraction as you correctly stated in your poll.