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Why Choose a Marquee for a Wedding Venue?

Updated on July 20, 2015
Do it yourself with a Marquee
Do it yourself with a Marquee

What's the Problem?

With more wedding venues adding stipulations to what you can and can't do it leaves the control freak in us all slightly concerned... the answer? Do it yourself by hiring a marquee or party tent!

There are loads of wedding venues that are brilliant towards their customers for the planning of their weddings and cannot do enough to make sure that their day is perfect. However, and, a lot of the time it can be out of their control, there are more and more concerns from brides and grooms over being able to have the day that they specifically want without having too many stringent stipulations from a venue. For example, councils are enforcing noise restrictions a little bit too easily, or, sometimes it is the venue itself adding this problem because they are normally a hotel and do not want any sound disruptive to guests not associated with the wedding party. This obviously means that a bride and groom may be limited in the choice they can make with regards music and bands. Add this to factors such as venue closing time, set caterers, and, even little factors such as no candles allowed... and you can see that venues may not always be able to give you the perfect wedding day that you wanted.

The Solution?

Whilst one solution is to keep searching for a venue that will accommodate all your needs another is to DIY and hire a marquee! Going along these lines would mean you have freedom to choose pretty much everything... from the size and shape of the party area, the finish time, how loud the music can be, and, even the location!

Whilst it might seem daunting at first the thought of hiring a marquee, it is actually quite straightforward. For example, if you are getting married in Cheshire the best thing to do is Google 'Cheshire Marquee Suppliers' and see who appears. Once you have a list (and don't just go with the first one) you can call and ask them if they can recommend any locations if you don't already have one in mind. Many will also be more than happy to pay you a visit and discuss your exact requirements. Similarly, if you already have a location in mind most companies will have no problem in coming out to perform a site visit and let you know if everything seems good to go and what (if any) potential areas of concern may need ironing out. The suppliers will be able to show you photographs, videos and provide previous customer testimonials. They will also be able to offer you some suggestions with regards suppliers and who they would recommend locally for everything from catering to providing the wedding entertainment! Obviously, you are free to go with anyone you want though... that's the beauty of a marquee, you can either take the assistance on offer or simply choose to organise the minutiae yourself.

Thing to Take into Account

There are a few things you might want to consider when you hire a marquee or party tent. Whilst no license is required to erect a marquee you will need to ensure that there is one if any alcohol is being made available for sale. The best way around this is to hire in an outside company to run the bar and just check that they are fully licensed. In addition, whilst you would ordinarily need a license for music to be played this is only if you are selling tickets.. so, for a wedding it should all be fine.

Another consideration is how to provide power to the marquee itself. This again is easily handled and more often than not is something that the marquee hire company will be able to help you with. Hiring a generator is the best solution (as opposed to running extensions from nearby properties) as this will avoid the problem of overloading any circuits. The company providing this should be able to work out how much power you will need based on your requirements (e.g. lighting, band or DJ, etc.).

Another thing to take into account is another thing that a marquee

To Conclude...

We're not trying to knock wedding venues here, it is just simply a fact that many have procedures in place that may mean you don't get to have the wedding party you want. And, even though, whilst there are a few things you need to take into account with the hire of a marquee or party tent it really is a great option when it comes to being able to get the finer details exactly as you want them.

Timelapse Video of a Marquee Erection

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