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Why Christian Grey is Every Woman's Fantasy

Updated on April 24, 2013

Traits that Dazzle Women

Christian Grey, the hero of the Fifty Shades of Grey trilogy of erotic-romance novels, is the most talked-about imaginary man of the decade! He's handsome, smart, worldly (he knows wines and champagnes), multi-talented, and great in bed. By the way, he's a self-made billionaire, CEO of his own company, and he's not even 30 yet.

But he's not perfect. When he meets Anastasia Steele, 21, a recent college graduate and a virgin, he's instantly attracted but doesn't know how to love. Instead, he has a contract he wants her to sign which will control her entire life down to when she exercises and eats.

And golly -- the books telling his story have sold 60 million copies worldwide, and millions of women would like to date Christian Grey! Why? Those who say it's because women secretly want to be dominated or spanked are incorrect. Anastasia (called Ana) doesn't want to be dominated or spanked. Instead, she fights for her rights and walks when enough is enough!

Women sigh over Christian Grey because:

  • He gives gifts. He and Ana have barely met when he sends her an iPad. He stocks her closet with gorgeous designer clothes and lingerie. Needless to say, he always pays for dinner.
  • He doesn't mind when, after just one date, a newspaper calls Ana his girlfriend.
  • He's a communicator. He answers Ana's calls and emails fully and promptly. He and Ana have intimate talks. Certain things he's reluctant to talk about, but eventually he opens up.
  • He puts Ana first and his business second.
  • He tells her she is too thin and urges her to eat more, and when he orders a steak he orders one for her too.
  • He will fly from Seattle to Atlanta for no reason except to see her.
  • Christian is really into sex and foreplay. He takes his time with it, there's always variety, and he's willing to try what Ana wants--and learns to like it.
  • He sleeps entwined with her.
  • He's clean and wears clothes that fit him.
  • He takes her on fabulous dates, like riding in his helicopter or his glider at dawn.
  • After meeting Ana he is 100 percent monogamous. Other women can flaunt their charms all they want, but no other woman besides Ana interests him, and he will physically place Ana in between himself and a flirtatious woman.
  • Very very often he tells Ana she is beautiful and how much she turns him on. Women melt when they hear this. Compliments mean a lot to females!
  • He takes all responsibility for contraception. That's a rare man!
  • He's jealous and shows it, but not by throwing tantrums or trying to make Ana feel bad.
  • Any threat to Ana upsets him greatly. He does all in his power to protect her.
  • He likes and treasures Ana's gifts to him.
  • He doesn't want Ana to work but lets her because she wants to.
  • He wants to take the relationship to the next level.
  • He has money and will spend it. While women don't necessarily have to have billionaires, we do prefer men with resources over men without them.
  • He has manners.
  • The family he was raised by is normal and successful and very welcoming, not a bunch of drunks and jailbirds.
  • He has servants who do the routine, repetitive household work.
  • He wants to buy a house and settle down, and allows Ana to choose the house.
  • He owns a vacation home in Colorado.
  • The only games he plays are in the bedroom.
  • He changes! He starts out one way and Ana's influence helps him change for the better. Wow!

Men who will cultivate just one trait on this list will become more desirable in an instant!


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