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Why Should You Have a Destination Wedding?

Updated on February 11, 2012

Maui, Hawaii

Westin Villas, Maui, HI
Westin Villas, Maui, HI

Destination Weddings: Why?

Destination weddings can be a scary idea. When you start to plan your wedding you begin envisioning the entire day. You begin to see your dress, your family and friends, your flowers, and not to mention your wonderful fiance waiting for you at the altar. The number one concern people have about getting married away from home is not having their family and friends along side of them on their special day. I am here to dispel that for you and here's why.

Your family and friends, with the exception of maybe your parents and siblings, don't really care about your special day as much as you do. How many times have you gone to a wedding and heard this person or that criticizing the food, the flowers, or the beloved wedding dress? Its your special day, not theirs, so obviously you are going to choose the makeup of your wedding reguardless. But seriously, who wants to pay 20 or 30 grand to hear a bunch of ingrates raining on your parade.

Most of the time you are going to have to end up inviting lots of people you don't really care to have there. Your parents best friends, your distant relatives, and maybe some of your snobbier friends will need an invite if you stay in the area. Otherwise you are going to hurt some feelings.

If you stay home, you will also probably feel the need to outdo this person or that person. Maybe your best friends wedding last year was a little tacky, and we can't have that again now can we? After all, you were one of the bridesmaids listening to all the other girls talking about how cheap it was to have fried chicken at a wedding. Well if you want fried chicken, go to St. Lucia and eat whatever the heck you want.

Your parents and siblings, maybe even grandparents can still attend your destination wedding, and you won't have to pay for their transportation or lodging (unless you want to).This tends to help out your wallet a bit. Also, give your best friends the option to attend as well. If they really care about seeing you get married, they will come. If they don't come, you will be glad you didn't waste 30 grand on buying them dinner.

Remember that you are building a life with this person, not one day. You will not want to spend all of your money on one big party. A savings account is much more practical. That way if you have a rainy day, you won't be so stressed out. Not to mention you have to buy a house and furnishings, and doesn't it cost about $250,000 to raise a kid nowadays? Your insistence on having your friends there still holding you back? Have a light reception when you return. It won't have to be as formal, so you can save some money there. You can even wear your wedding dress and show a slide-show/video from the big day.

Do it your way and don't stress out for 12 months planning a huge wedding. Instead go away to God's Paradise and have the wonderful backdrop that your wedding deserves. When you return home you will have more money, and more of your mind.


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