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Does Ignoring a Guy You Like Work?

Updated on January 26, 2016

Playing Hard to Get: A Guide

Does ignoring someone really work? Let's see.

It can be treacherous to try and interpret the signs that your crush gives off. So, if the only way to get a guy's attention is to ignore him, then why not?

Every woman has a story to tell regarding the person she likes and how they eventually end up together. But those who are shy and have low self-esteem, read along.

A lot of men don't like it if the woman they like ignores them. Men's worst enemy is rejection. A good and confident man, which is hard to find, will usually approach the woman he likes and ask her out.

That said, A woman who ignores it when a man she likes asks her out needs to grow up. Typically only teenagers play that game. Girls may act that way, but a real woman is confident enough to face the world and express herself.

Does Ignoring a Guy Get His Attention?

Does ignoring a guy really work? Well, it depends on the man and the situation. If the guy is interested in you and you are ignoring him, I think that might work. But if the guy is not into you, he will ignore you back.

Then again, there are type of guys who don't like to be ignored. For them, it's a major turn off. There are also those who really like the thrill of the chase, so ignoring them will only make them come after you harder. For these men, the thrill of the chase is exciting and mysterious. And getting a woman who appears out of reach will feel like a challenge. The more unattainable the woman is, the more he wants her.

Situations like this are case by case. It depends on the character of the guy and what type of guy he really is. If the guy you like is adventurous and loves the thrill of the chase, then maybe ignoring him really works. If not, that means one thing: he doesn't like you back.

Drive Him Crazy by Ignoring Him

How Long to Ignore a Guy Until He Reacts

There are many ways to get a guy's attention. If ignoring him works in your case then by all means do so. But if the guy doesn't like to be ignored, then work out some ways to get his attention. If you are too shy to ask him out, ask your friends to help you out. For some strange reason, if a guy likes you, he will make an effort to ask you out and to spend time with you. It's just a guy thing. If he really wants to be with you, he will ask you out, no matter the situation.

One more thing: if ignoring him seems to work, do not ignore him once he comes to you. He might lose his interest if you keep on ignoring him far too long. There's playing hard to get and there's giving someone the cold shoulder.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      6 years ago

      "There are type of guys who don't like to be ignored."

      Very few people like being ignored! We live in era where law suits are filed for sexual harassment and stalking....etc The age of the man who enjoys (the chase) or pursues a woman who is "playing hard to get" are pretty much over. By and large people want to be with people who value them and have interest in them. Having said that I have seen women in situations where guys were falling over themselves to talk to her....etc And she'd show more interest in the (one guy who ignored her). Curiosity? Who knows. Maybe these women subscribe to the old saying,

      "We ignore those who adore us and adore those who ignore us."

      At any rate one would probably do better by learning how to flirt. It's truly a lost art!

    • Lovelovemeloveme profile image


      6 years ago from Cindee's Land

      I think guys who like to be ignored are not that interested. Good hub. Voted up :)

    • Free2writ3 profile image


      6 years ago from Sharon Hill, Pennsylvania

      Playing mind games is a waste of time. If you like someone tell em before its too late.


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