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Why Faithfulness Is so Vital in a Marriage

Updated on January 10, 2019
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Claudette Carter specializes in conducting free home Bible lessons where she teaches others how to love God and your fellow man like Jesus.

The Devastatiion of Unfaithfulness in a Marriage

A young mother contacted a local agency for help to get her children returned. A few days earlier, her husband took their two children, cleaned out bank accounts and is now staying with relatives. The husband previously committed adultery. The young wife, although difficult, forgave him, in an attempt to move on with their lives. A month and a half later, the young husband decided that the wife had physically abused him. She denied that the abuse ever happened. He then decided to take the children and flee. Now the young wife is without her children, homeless, penniless and desperate. When she contacted local agencies explaining her situation, they advised her that there are so many cases similar to her situation, that they could not help her. The young mother, father, and children remain devastated.

Clearly, faithfulness and true forgiveness within this marriage was a problem. When this young couple said, "I do," before God, they did not fully understand what that meant. Individually, the young husband and wife promised Almighty God, that they would live together as man and wife within the divine institution established by our Heavenly Father. This was a serious decision. That meant, they both agreed to trust and love each other regardless of the situation. Their decisions were to be made by two people, not one person. Those two people should only consist of the man and wife, who stood before Jehovah God and made these promises.

It is understandable that a married couple might seek help from spiritual leaders within their faith but in the end; it is up to the couple. So many parameters could have brought this couple to this point. Did the young husband or wife, start to live as if they were single; focusing only on what they wanted or needed because they were in control of things financially? Due to immaturity, did one of them do or say things to make the other spouse jealous, just to see their reaction? There are so many scenarios, that could have caused this horrific breakup. But now what will this young couple do? Remember, they have broken their promise to God and two precious children are involved.

Help for Couples Who are Dealing with Unfaithfulness in their Marriage

In an article entitled, How To Be Faithful In A Marriage warnings and tips are given such as, "Wear your wedding ring at all times. Never take it off, no matter what." This ring is not just a symbol of the commitment to your marriage but also a reminder of that commitment. Such warnings are also given concerning, "Suspicion and doubt in your spouse's mind will undermine and destroy faith and trust. Avoid them at all cost and avoid getting into situations that create them. Don't give in to infidelity." The article also goes on to explain how married couples should, "Forgive, forgive and forgive. Three most important words for a good marriage. Give each other the benefit of any doubts." It goes on to explain how important it is that the husband and wife spend time together even if it is only for a few minutes. Take time to cuddle, talk and show each other love. A major thing we must all remember is, that none of us are perfect. We all make mistakes that is why forgiveness is so important.

A good marriage can never be maintained without Almighty God, who you stood before and made these promises. His #holy spirit will help you to be faithful and have a good marriage if you constantly pray and rely upon God. The Contemporary English Version at Hebrews 13:4 explains that we should, "Have respect for marriage. Always be faithful to your partner, because God will punish anyone who is immoral or unfaithful in marriage." This is something we can all apply and remember. May the young couple mentioned earlier, discover their truths which will help them realize that faithfulness and marriage, do belong together. Faithfulness, in a marriage is pleasing to our Heavenly Father Jehovah, who is the #originator of man and woman joining together as #husband and wife.

What a tremendous blessing that man and woman become a complete source of dedication, based on the genuine thoughts of our Heavenly Father. What a tremendous blessing Jehovah God has given us-the #marital arrangement of man and woman.


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