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Fake Wedding Cakes Are The Way To Go

Updated on March 16, 2011

Fake Wedding Cakes - A Brides Best Friend

Fake wedding cakes are a budget conscious brides best friend.

In the first place, they look so good that it's impossible to tell by sight that they're not the real thing (though try cutting into one and the game will be up). Artificial cakes can be decorated in the same way and to the same standard as real cakes.

They can also dramatically reduce the cost of a wedding cake as they are quicker to make (no baking needed and they don't need the internal dowel support that a real cake does when tiered).

These days it's even possible to hire a fake wedding cake for your big day so you can have the 'look' of the big cake, and just have sheet cake out the back to be cut up for your guests.

What Are Fake Cakes Made From

Most commonly fake cakes use cake dummies in place of real cake. Cake dummies are generally made of styrofoam which provides a very lightweight but strong base which can be shaped in the same way a normal cake can, and can also be decorated.

To make things even easier for cake decorators many cake dummy producers make cake dummies in a variety of shapes and sizes, such as heart and hexagonal, plus all other popular wedding cake formats.

Why Use a Fake Cake For Your Wedding Cake

If you look around a reception venue just as a wedding is winding up, one of the most common things you see is piles of uneaten wedding cake - and uneaten cake is just money down the drain.

With fake cakes you can have the look that you want without wasting money on cake that isn't going to be eaten, or you can mix your cake tiers so that some are real but some are fake. Having a mix of real and fake cake tiers can be a good way of stretching your wedding cake budget further so you get a bigger, more impressive cake on the day but without the bigger price tag to go with it.

Fake Wedding Cakes - Make, Buy or Hire

Fake wedding cakes make it easier for people to make their own wedding cakes, as much of a cake makers skill is creating a stable smooth base (from cake) to decorate.

Unlike sponge, a cake dummy isn't going to dry out, which means that if you, or a friend wants to make you a fake cake for your wedding there is a lot more time to do it ~ you can start weeks ahead if you want as there's no cake to go stale.

Many professional cake decorators offer fakes cakes as part of their service, so if you are buying your wedding cake it's worth asking whether there are any savings to be made from faking a tier here and there.

There are also companies that specialise in hiring out fake wedding cakes, which can be a very cost effective option for a bride on a budget. These cakes often have a small real section so they can be but for photographs.

When calculating your savings you need to also factor in any shipping costs for the fake cake, plus the cost of any sheet cakes you are going to have made to offer your guests. A fake cake is only the cheaper option if all the costs involved in it are less expensive than a real cake.

Fake Cake Prices

Fake cakes can be significantly cheaper than the real cake equivalent. However it's worth remembering that the majority of the cost in a cake is in the decoration, and it takes just as long to decorate a fake cake as it does to decorate a real one.

This means you get much more benefit from a simply decorated fake cake than for a very elaborate one - just something else to think about.

Tips for Using a Fake Cake

 This only really applies if you don't want anyone to know your cake is fake ~ many brides are more than happy to admit to a fake cake, if it's how they managed to achieve the wedding of their dreams.

One of the biggest giveaways that a cake is fake is the weight. As the majority of the cake is styofoam it's much lighter that a real cake so if you want to keep your fake a secret don't let anyone near enough to pick it up, or see it being transported in.

If you're making your own fake cake, cover the cake dummy in plastic wrap before applying the fondant. That way it's easy to re-use the styrofoam for your next project.

If you're having a fake cake with a real slice of cake inserted (for cutting the cake photos) make sure you know exactly where it is. Miss the spot and it'll be like driving a knife into concrete - styrofoam may be light but it's dense.


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    • profile image

      Anya Skwarek 

      8 years ago

      Thanks for using our video in your article! Great article! There's still a lot of confusion out there about fake wedding cakes so this is a good resource for brides to have. If anyone has more questions about faux cakes please check out our website, blog, or contact us and we're happy to answer all your questions and concerns.

      Thanks, Anya


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