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Why Go Through a Man’s Cell Phone?-Cheating

Updated on November 19, 2016

The Situation

In this day and age of technology so many people leave traces of bad behavior and infidelity clues behind. There are so many women that will turn into mini detectives and C.S.I. to get to the truth. The honest truth is that in most cases you knew the truth all along, you just didn’t want to acknowledge it. There is no need to violate someone’s privacy in order to discover the truth. If you are having issues, discussed how you felt, and made effort over time to improve your relationship to no avail then you must evaluate the situation. Everyone leaves traces of who they are and what they are capable of if you pay attention. There are three elements that you can study in a man that will indicate this honesty and propensity to cheat. The fourth and most important factor is your intuition, normal intuition, not crazy banana “all men do” mindset intuition.

Under Investigation

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Signs of Cheating



Needless to say if all the friends are players and hound-dogs then he’s operating, most likely, in some similar fashion or aspires to mirror their behavior. The old folks used to say, birds of a feather flock together. To paraphrase the good book (bible)-How can two walk together unless they are on the same accord? If his core friends don’t respect women and are determined to put as many notches as possible on the bedpost then most likely he is on a similar mission.


Not all men are the same but you should take note of how your man acts. When he’s with you and a friend calls does he say……..

I’m just at the house, relaxing.

I’m with my lady, ________.

I have company right now.

I’m busy, I’ll call you later.

Here’s the thing. There is no right or wrong answer to this scenario. What you should observe is how he communicates he’s unavailable. Notice if there is any gender specific information shared. Notice if he’s very open or secretive with the information he shares. This will give you an idea when you contact him what he might be up to according to how he’s coded or presented to others his unavailable because he’s with you, a lady. Your cataloging in your mind the language he uses for his activities so if he’s addressing your differently if you’re in a relationship, you will recognize the change.

When behavior changes 180%, something is about to happen or he’s with something else. Men are creatures of habits therefore if their habits change that’s a big issue. Now the man that liked watching the sports game at home with friends suddenly needs to hit the sports bar every game-behavior change. No interest or lack of desire to be intimate. Everything you enjoyed together he’s no longer interested in or does not want to do anything with you. All of a sudden he’s working late all the time or suddenly obsessed with the gym. Also telling are extreme mood changes or texting instead of talking to you by phone. Cheating men’s best front is to throw the belief of cheating on you. He spends more time away from you and could care less where you are bad signs.

Character – “the mental and moral qualities distinctive to an individual”

Do you witness this person lie? Do you frequently observe this person turn into a chameleon around everyone? Do you observe this person lie and manipulate others on a frequent basis? Do you witness this person display passive aggressive behavior in your presence? Do you witness the person manipulating others into doing things for them? Do you witness this person order fries but convince the waitress they ordered a baked potato?

When you spend enough time with a person you have an idea if they are trust worthy and honest if you observe their behavior over time. Do not be fooled by the few weeks or months of “the representative”-the person they are pretending to portray but really take the time to see the person for who they are in truth.


The universe speaks and reveals truth. That truth is often displayed in change of affection towards you, distance, creating arguments to justify long periods of time unaccounted for, etc. When you know and feel this truth coupled with a review of character, friends, and behavioral changes of a man then your intuition is the final piece of the puzzle. If after a period of time of trying to rekindle the relationship, involve yourself in his life, or making other efforts to restore your interaction the behavior doesn’t change then most likely your intuition is right.

Lastly, going through someone’s phone is a gross violation of privacy. If you are not in a relationship, that’s pretty much a deal-breaker. If you’re in a relationship that is still a violation. Now in all fairness you’re argument if your cheating is confirmed should not be if you hadn’t gone through my phone you wouldn’t have known I’m cheating. Really? –Come on now! If you are married or in a long term committed relationship keep this in mind, although your partner should not violate your privacy there should be nothing on your phone that should alarm your partner. The same theory applies to “pop up visits” in LONG TERM ESTABLISHED RELATIONSHIPS & MARRIAGE. There should not be anyone over your house that you wouldn’t gladly open the door to and introduce to your spouse. Your partner although they may not exercise it should have the right to do so therefore govern yourself accordingly.

Now with all that being said, if you are checking someone’s phone after a few dates or non-established relationship-get away from this person immediately. Crazy is crazy.

So again-no need to check someone’s cell phone when you know the truth through these signs.


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    • dashingscorpio profile image


      24 months ago

      "The honest truth is that in most cases you knew the truth all along, you just didn’t want to acknowledge it. There is no need to violate someone’s privacy in order to discover the truth." - Very true!

      The reality is the minute you no longer trust someone it's pretty much over.

      Playing detective is an ego exercise to "prove to him/her" that you aren't a fool. What is the point of investing time to "catch" someone if cheating is a "deal breaker" for you. Assume you're right!

      Know yourself, Love yourself, Trust yourself!

      Unless you have a history of being insecure, paranoid, or overly jealous why would you need to go by anything other than your instinct?

      If something doesn't (feel right to you) it's probably not right for you!

      The person who gets caught snooping through phones, emails, hacking into Facebook and other social media accounts is the one who always comes off looking like a "stalker" or some kind of psycho.

      If you don't trust someone see that as a "red flag" and not a game of "cat and mouse". If you "prove" you were right you're not going to be happy and if you "prove" you were wrong you'll regret reducing yourself to doing under handed tactics which offend you if you learned your mate was snooping through your stuff. Everyone expects to have privacy!

      What causes most people to distrust someone once they have established a relationship is when they observe "sudden changes" and behavior/attitude in their mate towards them.

      Odds are if their mate isn't cheating and the behavior remained they still wouldn't be happy. Some people seem to "need" their mate to cheat or be abusive in order to (give themselves permission) to leave an unhappy relationship! Being "unhappy" simply isn't enough of reason to move on.

      That's kind of sad...


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