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Why Guys Cannot Appreciate a Girl

Updated on August 24, 2015

You may have heard your girlfriends a thousand times before complain how the guy they are dating does not appreciate her. You may be seeing a guy who does not appreciate you or did not in the past. What is it with guys and why do they have problems appreciating a girl who is so good to them? Why do they always go after the girls who treat them horribly? Here is an interview with a guy off the record who will give you answers to all of your burning questions on why wguys cannot appreciate a girl who is so good to him.

Jen Panaro: Was there ever a girl in your life who you did not appreciate? Off The Record: Yes, I would say so

JP: Why did you not appreciate her?

OTR: Probably, I was young And I did not realize how much I should appreciate her.

JP: Have you ever regretted not appreciateing her before?

OTR: Yes, after I lost her.

JP: What was the outcome of not appreciateing her?

OTR: She eventually left me.

JP: Do you think a lot of guys cannot appreciate a girl?

OTR: Yes, it is defenitly a problem a lot of people have.

Do you feel guys cannot appreciate a girl?

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JP: Why do you feel that way?

OTR: They are selfish.

JP: What are some reasons that a guy cannot appreciate a girl?

Off The Record: Some guys do not realize that a person going out of their way to make their life easier is doing it because they care.

JP: is there anything a girl can do to make a guy appreciate her?

OTR: I think that girls need to find a guy that appreciates them from the begining. Making someone change is never a good thing.

There are guys out there who can appreciate a girl. It just takes time finding them. If you are with a guy who does not appreciate you then maybe it is time to go your seperate ways because it is better to be alone than to be with someone who makes you feel miserable.

Do not go around thinking that being nice does not get you anywhere. One day you will meet someone who will appreciate you and love you just the way you are.


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