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Why Guys Go Ghost

Updated on September 29, 2017
SeviComplication profile image

Hello! I am an average female who has been hurt by friends and guys and family. I'm here to share my stories and hopefully help people

The reason Men ghost on females

Why do men feel is okay to go ghost on females? What is their reason for doing that? Do they even feel guilty after they do that? Guys might ghost on a female for various reasons. Maybe the girl is too clingy or expects too much or etc.

But the thing is, we wouldn't have any clue of knowing because half the time these things aren't discussed. so I guess the real answer is there simply just douche bags. not all men but the handful of men who thinks it ok to leave without an explanation.

Guys or just people, in general, don't understand the seriousness of ghosting. This definitely isn't an "oh well" type of matter. Not only is it hurtful but it also causes emotional damage. everybody handles situations differently but there is a way to handle things in a fashionable manner. In my opinion people ghost because they don't want to deal with confrontation or they feel ghosting is less hurtful than a breakup.

Fact of the matter is, Ghosting is far more hurtful then a breakup. when you go ghost on a person your letting them know that they werent worth a explantion for you leaving. It's even more hurtful if the relationship was serious. Them leaving as easily as they did just proves how much you meant to them. It's definitely a slap in the face but also a very cruel wake-up call. In a lot of cases, the female might start to blame themselves but I'm here to tell you that it's not your fault.

He messed up, not you!

How to heal from being ghosted on

One of the hardest parts of being ghosted on is that you’ll never really know the reason why. But You have to grasp the fact that it`s over. It`s totally normal to crave for some kind of closure, a reason to why it ended. But you have to come to terms with the fact that you may never know the full story. But understand that it`s ok! They weren't man or women enough to tell you straight up so therefore they are a punk. that's your closure.

Understand that you did nothing wrong. He/She messed up, not you. They did YOU dirty. Think of it like dodging a bullet. The fact that they think it's ok to treat people like that just says a lot about their character. You shouldn't want to be involved with someone like that anyway.

I feel like we all view dating in a similar way. you like me and I like you and that's just it. We get caught up in our feelings for people. There is nothing wrong with that but We all need to peep red flags, set boundaries, and have certain expectations. We shouldn't walk into a relationship expecting everything to use be perfect and just go with the flow. Then become distraught when things go wrong. When things start changing or there acting different either you can prepare for whats next and just go with the flow or you can call them out and let them know they have the option to leave.

I'm sure we are all busy people or we at least have a life. Remember, you had a life before them and you'll have one after them. life goes on with or without them. Do NOT put your life on pause for someone who didn't respect you enough to properly break up with you. Remember that you're a boss and you don't need them!

When I got ghosted on I waisted a lot of time on this person. I would wait by the phone waiting on a call and just hope for a text message. I would constantly check my phone throughout the day hoping they would come back. I would stay up till 3 in the morning waiting for a text or phone call and then being upset when it was clear they were definitely never going to get back to me. Time is valuable, don't waste it on someone who obviously didn't value you!

In conclusion, remember who you were before this person. Don't waste your mental energy on this person and don't give them the power to control you. don't let this experience change who you are as a person. remember your self-worth!

Being ghosted on is a very hurtful experience but I'm sure everybody reading this are some strong ass individuals! you will get through this. Stay beautiful my loves <3


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