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Why Hire a Dj for your Wedding

Updated on March 18, 2015

At A Glance

Planning a wedding is a crazy task. There are so many things to consider! It is so important that picking the right form of music is done correctly as music play a huge role in creating the right mood at your wedding. DJ’s provide such a versatile experience that truly can cater to all wedding types. DJ’s will perform to any size, any crowd and any venue meaning that no wedding is too big, too small or too complicated! One of the most important things with DJ’s is the ability for the bride and groom to take place in creating their perfect playlist. Yes the DJ’s job is to select music appropriate, but they are also very open to making the night special and that means playing your special music.

Often hiring DJ services will also mean you are getting microphone and speaker systems that are great for speeches and MC. The sound equipment is often great which means the music and the speeches will also sound great!

Having a DJ for your wedding will take the stress away of having someone who should normally be enjoying the festivities of the wedding!



Hiring a DJ is often an extremely cost-effective means of providing music at your wedding. There are DJ’s out there that will cater to all budgets, meaning your wedding can be accommodated for. A general rule of thumb is the higher your budget, the more expensive and higher quality the sound equipment will be, however on a lower budget the entertainment will still be provided and most likely be just as fun!


Weddings are often not straight forward. Hiring a DJ as your choice of wedding entertainment will ensure the music needs are met at a flexible level. An example of this is my colleagues whom are soon to be married. One half of the marriage comes from a diverse background with many different languages while the other comes from a traditional English speaking background. I asked why they chose a DJ and the answer what amongst other things how flexible the DJ was in catering for all the cultures, ages and different people attending the wedding.

Making sure the entire audience is catered for in terms of music is close to comparison in catering for them with food. The mood of a wedding is heavily dependent on the selection of music and the times in which certain music is selected. With DJ’s you are able to adjust to the setting as you can adjust volumes and reduce the sounds when times call for it.


Adaptable playlists

Having the right playlist for your wedding is essential to making it a positive environment. From creating featured decade playlists to cultural playlists; DJ’s can make it happen. Most DJ’s will be able to read the atmosphere throughout the night and create playlists to accommodate, meaning when people want to dance, the music will play according!


What kind of DJ is right for me?

When selecting a DJ you need to take in certain considerations:

  • Will the DJ accommodate to you requests?
  • Is the pricing right? What are the overtime charges? How long do they play for?
  • Does the DJ have the variety you are looking for?
  • Do you want this DJ to be playing in front of all your loved ones?

When selecting your DJ you should look into referrals as often when people have a great time they’re going to give that DJ a great rating. Check the DJ’s website for their ratings and reviews and also check rating websites that people can leave reviews on services. There are loads of great DJ hire companies and people out there. The question is though, do you think they will add value to your night or not.

Your Wedding Experience

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    • doris and me profile image

      Mohammad Tanvir Ibne Amin 

      4 years ago from Dhaka

      I think Song selection is more important than Budgeting.. Because a DJ can create an atmosphere and song selection you and your guests will enjoy.


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