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Why Hot Girls and Guys Have It Made

Updated on May 23, 2020


"Hot" girls and guys, simply put, "have it made."

There's no easy way to say it. These "chosen" sexes rule society as we know it. Come on, you know I'm telling the truth. But I am through hiding from the fact that us "average," men and women with no faces, social clout or pull, are beat. I mean "beat to the ground."

No use in me trying anymore. Enough fooling myself into actually believing that a "brighter day" will soon dawn for me and those like me. What an idiot I've been. And frankly, being an idiot for so long can wear you down, wear you out and wear your love and patience for others thin as a Kleenex tissue.

This piece is not a "put-down," but a personal revelation of sorts. Just a way for me to unburden myself of "fighting a losing battle," for I have come to realize lately that "I" am not going to be on the winning side no matter when this battle between "hot girls and guys" and "average Joe's," like me ends. If it ever ends.

So I have composed a simple story involving the various areas in which "the elite members of our society," win and win often. Get the best seats. Get invited to go ahead of average people who have stood for hours in the cold rain for a table at the newest restaurant. Be waited on first at any given store. And honestly said, "always put above" people such as you and I.

This "hot" girl has a dilemma

"Oh my! I am THREE HOURS late for school." "Ohh, I know. I will bat my long eyelashes at my principal and problem solved."
"Oh my! I am THREE HOURS late for school." "Ohh, I know. I will bat my long eyelashes at my principal and problem solved." | Source

"hot girls" "have it made" in the


  • just a flirty smile to an appreciative male teacher will all-but-guarantee "Miss Hottie," a slacker besides being "hot," a passing grade.
  • a flash of perfectly-shaped, tanned leg, will get any "hot girl" a date with the most-attractive guy in any class she takes.
  • just by how a "hot" girl talks--soft, sultry, "oooh, I do not know the answer to this "physics thingeee," will get some "average" shmuck who actually believes that hard work and ethics will pay-off at day's end, to answer her question of "what is the speed of light?"


  • "hot" girls do not follow the decorum of an "average" "working class stiff." "hot" girls giggle their way through a workday without doing one ounce of real work. The "average Joe's," males and females do their work for them. EXAMPLE: "Say, "pretty 'hot' college grad, you looked confused," says, "Mr. Buster Gutt," the office supervisor. "yes, sir. I am, ewwww, mixed-up (coo, coo, gush, gush)," replies "pretty" "hot" college grad." "You there! Yes, you, Jacobson, and Ms. Standoffish, you take this "hot" girl's workload so we can meet production."
  • ever know, in your entire career spanning 25 plus years of a "hot" girl "ever" being on-time? Probably not. "Hotties" do not have to be on-time like you, "Mr. Average Al," the company "work mule." "Hotties" are the boss' only perk he will have in the entire day.
  • "Hot" girls" never get involved with office events such as taking-up donations for sick employees, for if they give any money, that subtracts money from their make-up, wardrobe and clubbing budget.


  • "Hot" girls always get asked out for dates, while "average" girls sit by their cellphones hoping, praying that a "hot" guy even remembers their name. Which they never do.
  • "Hot" girls do not wait in any line. They simply prance in-front of everyone and when the security people say, "miss, you're not on the list," all the "hot" girl has to do is: purse her full, red lips, bat her eyes and like magic, she is inside the club or store with no trouble--leaving the "average" dorks in the cold rain.
  • "Hot" girls get hit-on three times as much as "average girls," and they love it. Oh, they "act," offended and issue idle-threats that they will "call the cops," but they never do. They end-up going home with the guys hitting on them.

"hot" guy here is having a crises

"should I go into my job or sleep 'til noon?" "Oh, I see. "Average John," who works with me will cover for me without any problem."
"should I go into my job or sleep 'til noon?" "Oh, I see. "Average John," who works with me will cover for me without any problem." | Source

"hot" guys "have it made"


  • "Hot" guys never take a book home for homework or studying. If "hot guy" has a female teacher, no matter what age, (speaking of the teacher, not "hot" guy), he will automatically pass no matter how tough of a test the teacher gives. Why? "Hot" guys know how to smell, they wear only expensive cologne. They know how to dress, shirt open at top exposing a body that some personal trainer gave them and they know if they have to actually "work" in class, they will be lowered (to our) level: "average," and the world cannot have that.
  • "Hot" guys are never on-time for any class. Who can blame them? They are always busy in the hallways receiving praise from "average" students, girls who dream of dating them and guys who want to be them.
  • "Hot" guys can make the lowest grades on any test, bar none, and pass. This is a mystery. You can see the "hot guy" actually fall asleep and sleep the entire class while we, "average idiots," work our butts off to make a decent grade, and fail, but "hot" guy beams a toothy-smile because he has made a 98 on his Remedial Spelling Test.


  • "Hot" guys know, going in, that all they really have to do is "act" friendly to all "average" working-class men and women and with their powerful personalities, their work is always done and the "hot" guys get the credit.
  • "Hot" guys can party all night on a work week night and show-up at 10 a.m. (when work starts at 7:30 a.m.) and the boss will pat him on the back, wink at him and say, "some party you had eh?" "Oh, to be young like you, "Biff," and you, "Average Alden," gets chewed-out because your flu made you five minutes late.
  • "Hot" guys can slack-off all they want, hang-out in the "payroll department," where the "average," single girls work who never get asked out along with the miserable "average" married women who dream of the "hot" guy when she sleeps, simply because "hot" guys will be given more raises anytime than the "average Bob's" of the world.


  • "Hot" guys, at clubs, or any social-gathering, "never," talk to get "average" or "hot" girls' attention. "Hot" guys slouch a pose on a nearby fence or wall, keep their hair in their eyes and have their mouths half-open, and when a lonely "average" girl cannot control her self-respect, runs (not walks) to "hot" guy, and says, "gee, you are good-looking," all "hot" guy "labors" to say is, "I know." That sets "average" girl's heart a-flutter.
  • "Hot" guys are like "hot" girls in the respect that they "never" wait in-line for anyone or anything. EXAMPLE: it's the grand opening of a new store for "today's youth." "Hot" guy shows up two hours late and just walks and winks his way to the front of the long line and says to the store manager, "uhh, cool," and that one phrase, plus his hair in his eyes, tells the manager he is no "average" guy. That "hot" look says, "hey, I have money."
  • "Hot" guys never have to pay for anything--meals at restaurants, movies, and sometimes, (I have to be honest), cars. Whenever there are "average" women with money or with their husband's credit cards, "hot" guys have a "free ride." "Average" females, in order to "make points," with the "hot guys," will buy them mostly whatever they want. And the "average" men will do the same to just be seen with "hot guy," so he, the "average" slob can have the inkling of a social life himself.

But . . ."hot" girls and guys DO have burdens to bear

  • how late can they sleep and not have to get out of bed
  • how much money to spend as long as it's not theirs.
  • how much more-lax can they afford to be when they are already having people do their classwork and work in the office for them.
  • how many girls and boys can they date (actually use) for just a "social boost."
  • how many years will the "hot" exterior last.
  • how can the "hot" girl or guy, get married, and have their mates do all of their bidding.
  • how much champagne can they stand to drink and not get "burned out" on the vintage brands.
  • how many expensive watches and cars can they accumulate and not be called "self-centered"

You see, my "average," friends, "paradise does not always come without a snake or two."

God help all of the "hot" girls and boys. They are our future.


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