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Why I Hate My Kohl's Registry

Updated on April 13, 2013
Kohl's refers to their registry as a "Wedding Wishes Gift Registry"
Kohl's refers to their registry as a "Wedding Wishes Gift Registry" | Source
Wilton Recipe Right Covered Muffin Pan
Wilton Recipe Right Covered Muffin Pan

This was available at Kohl's, for about a day. I wanted this stupid muffin pan so badly! Should have registered with Amazon.


My family likes to complain about anything and everything. Especially bridal showers. Planning games? No one likes games! Skip the games? You can't have a shower without games! Register at Bed Bath & Beyond? Too expensive!

I'm the bride, so I'm not getting involved in the games or the food or the prizes or any other issues, but I am in charge of the registry. Lots of my relatives and family friends complained about my sister registering at BB&B for her bridal shower last year, so I thought I'd be a little different. I considered Target, but I've heard horrible things about their return policy. So I settled on Kohl's. We registered on March 20, 2013 for our showers on April 21 and April 28, 2013. Pretty last minute, considering that the invitations go out about a month before.

Then I start getting the phone calls, the text messages, the Facebook messages, and the Tweets about registry issues.

Apparently, Kohl's changes their inventory pretty frequently. So far, my glasses, muffin pan, brownie pan, bedding set, plates, bowls, ice cream scoop, and a variety of other little things have all been marked No Longer Available. The brownie pan literally became No Longer Available the day after I added it to the registry. How annoying!

Let me start from the beginning. I hate showers and registries. I did the baby registry thing back in 2010, that was ridiculous. I decided to keep the bridal registry relatively small and I started it online to make sure that it would be up before the shower invitations went out. Then I took my fiancé to Kohl's to really get it going. They had major issues because I was apparently supposed to print out the registry so they could scan its barcode. Sorry, nobody told me. Thankfully it worked out and they printed it there for me. I offered to look on my nifty Droid phone, but they needed the physical barcode.

Then the batteries in the scanner died less than five minutes into our scanning. These things happen. They gave us a new one, had to rescan the barcode, and we moved on.

The prices there are pretty ridiculous when things aren't on sale. Seriously, these Food Network stars putting their faces on every stupid ice cream scoop is driving me insane, because it makes every little thing at least twice as expensive as it should be. Maybe Bed Bath & Beyond wouldn't have been so bad after all. Oh well, I tried.

I am so sick of seeing "No Longer Available"
I am so sick of seeing "No Longer Available" | Source

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How Kohl's Can Improve

I don't like to complain all for nothing. There's always room for improvement, and I am still a huge fan of Kohl's for a variety of reasons. They have at least one of everything that I needed, which I was slightly worried about. So hey, corporate Kohl's head guys, here's my advice:

  • Communicate more. Email the owner's of your registries when items become No Longer Available. This can be an automated system and it would really help brides and mother-to-be's out. A bride and groom need a bedding set!
  • Keep your stock more consistent. Stop discontinuing things, and when you do, make sure that there's an equivalent replacement. There goes my dreams of owning a muffin pan!
  • Lower your prices or send out more coupons. Bed Bath & Beyond has a one-up on most other bridal registry options because they are constantly sending out 20% off coupons. People love those! It makes registry items so much cheaper for family and friends.
  • Get a wider selection of items. Seriously.
  • Oh and please, make more of your Online Only items available in-stores! They are amazing, but most people do not buy registry items online.

My Final Opinion

Registering at Kohl's isn't a horrible idea. Kohl's stores are almost everywhere, they have some nice stuff, and their online registry is really easy to work. But be prepared to update your registry daily, and no, I'm not exaggerating. You honestly are going to have to check every single day to replace all of the items that are No Longer Available. You may even want to assign this duty to a bridesmaid, because it isn't an easy thing to keep up with on top of all the other wedding plans.


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