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Why I Like Dates?

Updated on December 24, 2013

Why I Like Dates?

I have a confession to make…I like dates.

Dates are the most enjoyable

Especially if it is the first time you tried them.

They come in many sizes.

I saw one to my liking last night.

I took her home seated beside me in my car,

I brought her downtown and made sure she is kept warm

As the ice storm rages in Toronto.

Her scent, her natural smoothness, her juicy sweetness

When my lips touched her succulent body,

Pleasurable sensation oozes from my body from start to finish.

Oh, the joy and happiness…Ah, Yes, I can do it many times over

Without losing this longing for satisfaction.

Her body is long and it fits my favourite size

I enjoyed most dates but this date was just delicious

To me she is so voluptuous, I want to consume the pleasure

I feel and the excitement of doing it

In the privacy of my bedroom,

I know the act of doing it will make a stain on my bed.

In the end I had the pleasure of doing it on the kitchen table

She lay there naked in front of me, my fingers reaching for her under her skimpy cover .

Using my hands and my lips, with my teeth biting her gently,

My legs and feet danced with desire and excitement as I consumed her.

I don’t know why I like dates during colder seasons.

I reach out for her before sleeping at night and before having my breakfast.

Perhaps, the cold and frigid temperatures of Winter

Created this need to find my dates

But it is a consolation to find my favorite one

Sitting in stacked position along the aisles

Of the grocery section of a wholesale store

Surrounded by many colourful fruits and vegetables.***


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