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Affirmation: a key ingredient to a contended, loving husband

Updated on February 23, 2011

why i love angel, my husband is simple...because he is worth loving! let me share my inner but simple thoughts on that.

first, the no-brainer : he is a cutie!

most people who know angel says he is almost too good to be true. ( take note, almost - because he is far from most, if not all of us)

as a husband, angel is someone who appreciates me for who i am and what i have become as a person. he always sees the good in me, but is honest enough to make me aware of my shortcomings as well.

angel is the husband who values my inputs all the time. he is a husband who affirms me and tells me he loves me every single day of our lives... i am not exaggerating, its true. and he doesnt even show signs or hints of shying away from it - not a bit. (this should be the case, right?)

angel is someone whos very concerned about my physical , as well as my spiritual well-being. he prays for me, supports me in all my endeavors. he listens to me when i talk - regardless whether i make sense or not...he just listens ( i trained him well, huh....hahaha) he stays cool in the midst of problems ( yet sometimes to a fault).

and by the way, angel is very romantic ( he likes to express himself all the time - whether verbal or physical and makes sure he spends time with me. invites me to date regularly ( watch movies, eat out, have breakfast early saturday morning, stroll inside the mall...just to be with me...aaahhhh....isnt that really sugar? ( sweet???)

to top it all, he is one guy who doesnt smoke, drink, or mess around with girls... (from what i know)

a crush-ng-bayan ( heartthrob) during his younger years, but still the ever good-looking pastor, singer and husband...who wouldnt feel blessed having him as a significant other? (wink,wink)


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