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Why I support Gay Marriage

Updated on May 27, 2013

I have recently been thinking about the issue. I now support marriage between people of the same gender. To understand how I came to this conclusion, there are two things that need to be made clear, namely what is marriage really is and its essence, and the other is the definition and description of what each of us humans really are. I am not going to use arguments like "Its just not right", because you can't argue with that,


First, lets see what marriage real is about. If we look past the legal and official acknowledgment of two peoples relationship before the wide public, marriage really is about love. When two people marry, that proclaim to each other, primarily, that they love the other so much that they are willing to give up their independence and freedom to date other people, and even want to spend the rest of their lives with the other person with whom he or she is marrying with. In short, marriage is about love. And that is exactly what same gender couples want to marry for; they love each other, and they want to spend the rest of their life together. I think, that they should be granted the legal right to that innate humanistic right.

What Humans are?

Next thing that I will describe that is a component of my conclusion of why same gender couples should be allowed to marry, is the clarification of what humans really are. To better see where I'm coming from, let me use an analogy. Lets take a liter of water. If you fill a jar, and then fill a bottle with that 1 liter of water, the shape of the water will change according to the shape of the container in which it is in. Even though the shape of the water changes, the essence of the water remain the same, that is, the 1 liter of water remains the same 1 liter of water, with the same molecules and all its properties. In other words, the container does not define what the water is. The same is true for people. People, in reality are consciousness, and spirit. For example, if someone suffers and accident and becomes paralyzed for life, the person is still the same person. He/She still has thoughts, feelings and emotions, even though the biological body is virtually nonexistent. So the body is only a container, just like in the above analogy of the 1 liter of water.

Now you see, why I think that the gender of the members of the couple is irrelevant. Taking a step forward, based on the above world view, the question of someone changing gender is irrelevant. Furthermore, if that person, who changed gender, later marries, the question of whether a gay marriage or a non gay gender has just happened, also becomes an obsolete question.

Adoption by same gender couples

The last issue that is addressed by the above view, is the issue is adoption of a child by a married same gender couple. What matter is not whether the adopting parents have similar reproductive organs or not. What matter, and what is critical the roles that are exemplified to the young child. A child needs a father figure, and a mother figure. The Mothers role is teaching the child to be a caring and loving person. The father's role is help the child to develop character, and stand up for what the grown up child believes in, preferably without hurting others

Finally, one more note, if we want to live in true democracies, where law applies to everyone EQUALLY, than preventing gay marriage is not only morally questionable, but even unlawful. I am not an expert in the legal system, but discrimination against gays, could result in nations being eligible to be sued (if that is legally incorrect, please share that in the comments below).

So, these are my views on gay marriage. What are your view? What do you thing? Please comment below.


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