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Why I'm Loving Being Single

Updated on August 18, 2017

The Explanation

Throughout my entire life I always wanted a boyfriend. From when I was a little girl I knew that I wanted boys to like me. While boys are nice to look at there are so many reasons to enjoy being single. And in no way am I saying that people should be single for the rest of their lives or that guys are the reason for all problems, (just most of them) but women need to know who they are and what they want first. They need to enjoy living life by having experiences, not by determining how they are going to catch the attention of their next potential suitor. Being single when all people seem to be doing these days is getting into relationships, or even getting married can be hard. But the difference between being single, and "not having a boyfriend" is that we are single because of our decisions, not because we aren't a hot commodity.

The Reasons

  • The Drama
  • The Worry
  • The Time
  • The Girls
  • The World


Reason 1: The Drama

While there are many benefits to relationships, I think that one of the biggest downsides to the dating world that we live in is the amount of drama. Although the best couples can avoid the petty drama, somehow the rest of the world gets sucked in. Even at the young age in which people begin to "date" drama finds its way. While the couples who can stick through the meaningless arguments and find their way to make it work can have great relationships.


Reason 2: The Worry

There is so much worry involved in the dating scene. The questions scrolling through our minds. What if he doesn't like me? How should I dress? What present should I get him? None of these questions are bad, but they cause unnecessary stress and worry. How often have we been super nervous about a date? Getting nervous isn't a bad thing, but when you're single you can do whatever you want and say whatever you want without fear of how the other person is going to react. Being single might save a few years on our lives with all the stress going on in relationships these days.

Reason 3: The Time

Your time is just that yours. You don't have to worry about whether or not you are going to have time to see someone after work when you just want to binge watch Gossip Girl or One Tree Hill on Netflix and eat cookie dough. Take that cooking class that you've always wanted to. Want to get in shape? Take the new yoga, or kickboxing class. Do the things that you've always wanted to but always made excuses not to. While the sacrifice of time during a relationship is necessary and most often good, having more time to do what you want is just another perk of being super single.

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Reason 4: The Girls

One MAJOR thing that usually changes with relationships. Your relationships with your friends. Sometimes you fight over the fact that you're spending too much time with boyfriend and not enough time with the best friend. Sometimes there is a little (or large) love triangle and you swear hoes over bros but still secretly are mad that even though they didn't get to date them, neither did you. Moral of the story is when you're single you have the time to focus not only on yourself, but also on strengthening your relationships with some of the most important people in your life. Because let's be honest. Boys change almost as often as the Northern Virginia weather, but your girlfriends (for the most part) won't change or break up with you for some petty thing. You will realize though that there is a difference between good friends, and friends when things are good. Learn the difference and stick with the good ones.

Reason 5: The Life

Often in relationships, both people have to make sacrifices. Determining whether to stay together at different colleges and try the whole long distance thing, or where to live once you're out of school, who is visiting and when. There are so many parts of your life that you automatically have to think about what your significant other will think when you tell them. You shouldn't have to be held back from something that you really truly care about and believe in. While I am fully riding the single train, I do believe that if you are with the person you intend to spend the rest of your life with that then these big decisions need to be made together and maybe even going with someone if they want to travel, or live abroad. But as a teenager or early 20s, there is no rush to settle down and have to give up everything for somebody you love. Have fun. Travel the world. Go skydiving. Because once you find that special someone, you will really have to change the way you make decisions and even the way that you live your life.


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