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Why It Is Better To Date Older Women And Forget The Younger Ones

Updated on June 2, 2017

How We Search For Connection

The Arrogance of the Common Western Male

Statistics show that men and women will go through divorce 2-3 times in their life. That's right! They will walk down the aisle 2-3 times.

I am coming to believe that western men are deluding themselves. i believe western women are too, but that is an entirely different article.

When you begin leering at 20-year-old women at the bar, you are becoming too old to attract them. The young bucks don't do that. i know I never did. The young bucks love to party, have fun and play to the young girls ditzy ways. Their attitudes are, 'Easy Come, Easy Go'. Their relationships are entirely impermanent and judgmental based mostly on looks. Substance is not really important.

Provided these young girls can pine over a guy while listening to a boy band song, they believe their love has substance.

Men seem to be buying into the hype that landing a hot 20-25 year old woman is the key to sexual happiness, emotional salvation and abundant living. They believe that if they can just master the dating game more, they will be able to live into their 40-'s, 50's and 60's and still attract 20-something women . Only a select few men can do this. Some of those select men are fictional characters on television and the movies and the few that are actually real, are a whole different type of male altogether.

Dating much younger women may just be THE biggest dating mistake you ever make.

It is time to open your eyes to the other beautiful women, that you may have forgotten about, women your own age or a little older. And here we will explore the very best reasons why you should forget the ditzy little princesses and go for the graceful queens.

Older Women Are Seeking Adventure

While you waste your time picking up the tab of younger women who see you as a walking ATM, spending all that money you have been saving to travel, an older woman is ready to go!

The fact is, you and that beautiful lady have been going through the same life dramas and likely enough she has done fairly well in her previous divorce. She has also probably spent quite a number of years in a painful marriage that was lifeless.

She is ready to book that ticket with you and travel. Who wants to go alone unless you are some cranky old guy with his pension trying to move to Thailand?

There is one thing that never leaves a woman and that is the search for fun and adventure. While they are young they live in the moment. They are fairly irresponsible and can barely save $100 per week. They often don't know how to plan.

But an older woman has worked this out. And she is looking for the right adventurer to go with her.

You want somebody to share the memories of all those amazing places you will see. But you don't want it to cost you twice the price, paying double for everything because your young, broke girlfriend can't afford to go.

On top of this, I have found that older women love to plan and dream to see places that are off the beaten path. yes they love the monuments, but the younger women tend to only go to the most well known places. Your older lady is more likely to ensure you both experience life to the fullest. A younger girl will just expect you to plan everything and simply go with the flow.

The Best Advantages To Avoid Dating Young Women

What Are Your Best Reasons To Avoid Dating Young Women?

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Young Enough To Do It Often, Old Enough to Do It RIght

Younger girls tend to be the one to be pleasured. Older women seek to please YOU. Instead of just laying there and expecting you to do all the work because she thinks you are lucky to have her, the older women you seek are much more likely to keep things even in the bedroom. You give and they give.

Age brings experience in many areas of life, including the bedroom. This means greater experimentation and a happier smile on your face.

Dating younger women, while it seems like the ultimate catch, generally brings dissatisfaction to the bedroom as they may be less attracted to your physique if you are an older male. Attraction is not a choice and younger women love a six pack. Older women do too. But you must remember the idea of impermanence. Your body changes over the years too. but QUALITY older women are much less judgmental of your muffin top, hairy back and nose whiskers.

Of course, depending on your age, a 10 year difference from a 45 year old man to a 35 year old women is actually a great age difference. But it may be better to date a woman your own age because you can have the same era of music playing as you light those candles and hit that nice, warm bed.

Remember where women pique sexually. If an older woman is keeping in pique physical condition, she may be the dream woman you want to spend the rest of your days with.

Going For Younger Women Comes With a Greater Cost

Older Women Will Choose You For GENUINE Reasons

When you date younger women, you are running the risk of being used. You must ask yourself what a young girl wants in an older man. True, there may be an attraction, but this attraction may be towards your:

  • Financial stability
  • Upper class lifestyle
  • Gifts you buy
  • Travel you pay for
  • Career opportunities you provide her

But if you take these things away, how long do you believe she will stick around?

It would be so difficult and stressful to live under those conditions where you believe your hot, young angel will leave you any day to climb that ladder or cheat on you with somebody much younger. And by the way, that is a fear of genuine women also.

Older women will be dating you for more genuine reasons because the quality older women have their life together. Perhaps they already have children and are not desperate to find a father for her unborn babies. She will have her own money, have achieved her career goals, already have a close-knit circle of friends and family, already be well traveled and is now seeking somebody to love her for who she is. And she is seeking to connect and love you beyond your physical appearance.

It's not all rosy, but the lack of pressure on you will be a huge sigh of relief. The great men I know don't seek out chaos. They seek to make life simpler, so that achieving goals are simpler. And it is difficult to do that when you know that the young girls you go for are with you for very shallow reasons.

Advantages of Dating Older Women

She Knows What She Wants...FINALLY

Every man knows that women are the most indecisive souls on the planet. But this perspective is coming from looking at ditzy girls who change their minds like they change their hairstyle.

Young girls will never know what they want in their relationships. Their boyfriends turn crazy over time trying to figure out how to please them and keep them happy. As an easy example, they may say you don't spend much time together, but when you take time off work to be with her, she complains you have no money. She may complain that you never give her attention but when you do she loses her attraction for you. You just cannot win with young girls!

Older women finally know what they want! Thank the gods! If you consider anything here, just consider how valuable this is. A woman who knows she wants you, who will not change her mind unless you totally mess things up, will be a very loyal and caring woman.

These women love their down time just like you. But they make the time they spend with you quality time. They know they seek loyalty. They know they want more commitment. They have learned from their past mistakes and seek to redeem themselves from years of punishing guys with their indecision's. And you can benefit from this!

A woman knowing what she really wants should be a major turn on and give you the stability you need to achieve your goals.

No man should be always having to try to keep some young girl happy all the time and knowing he can never quite succeed. It is just too draining and takes away from achieving other major life goals.

The Difference Between Looking Classy and Tardy

Men are attracted to youthful women. in our western culture, it is adored and many times older western women lose out.


Because the feminist movement tends to make women appear more masculine over time. They cut their hair shorter and shorter, forget the art of dressing up to impress and look young with just the right amount of makeup.

But the quality older woman has the edge. Not only has she recognized this evil manipulation of the angry feminists but she continues to use her feminine wiles to turn heads.

People's bodies change over time and even if you or her are hitting the gym, if you have been punishing your body throughout your youth, it is almost impossible to get your own skin back to where it once was. and it is the same with women.

Remember though, those girls in their 20's will pay for their years of binge drinking and eating in just a few years, so why waste your time?

The foxy older lady is doing her best and you will be the beneficiary. Now while you do not want to be dating an older woman who is constantly going under the knife, an older woman is dressing gracefully and modestly. She is not dressing like a cheap tart.

Being willing to please you should override any of the objections you might have about her not having a 20-year-old's figure. It just isn't that important when you you have a classy woman on your arm.

You Will Tear Your Hair Out Trying To Appease an Attention Seeker

An Older Woman is Patient

When things are not quite going your way, young girls are quick to flee. They don't want to hang around for the tough times. But an older woman understands that life doesn't always go our way and this gives her much more patience.

She has probably already spent several years of putting up with a child's tantrum's and has learned the art of patience. This beautiful older woman will have a great, calming effect on you. Around her you will feel everything will work out just fine.

She will not be prone to freaking out when something doesn't go as planned. She will always have a good back up plan or maybe she will just give you a hug, smile at you and let you know she won't be leaving your side just because times are a little tough.

Definitely The Wrong Kind of Woman

Older Women Are More Responsible

Men should be sick of believing they can only rely on themselves. Well, this belief comes from trying to date narcissistic young girls. While you constantly try to please them, keep them happy and then find she is not at all reliable, you will come to believe that you are on your own.

An older woman will quickly dispel this belief.

Older women are much more responsible. If you need her there, she will be there. She will do things for you without you even needing to ask. An older woman may see that your work clothes are not ironed and make the effort to iron them for you. A young girl would never do this.

You may come home from a tough day and find dinner has been cooked. Not because it is her 'role as a woman' (Those days are long gone), but because she wanted to make you happy. A young girl may just bring you some Subway, or she might let you take her out to dinner (Yes, you paying)

Being responsible keeps you safe and assists you to get where you want to go. Her life experience has taught her that in order to find a great man, she must be a greater woman. Only age can teach somebody that.

Somebody To Grow Old With

I believe that the only people who can give any real relationship advice is an elderly man or woman still holding their partners hand as they shuffle to the dining room at the nursing home.

There is a term known as Samsara, which defines how life just continues from birth, life, death and rebirth. On and on we go throughout the ages. And in this, each of us as individuals can easily get lost and die alone by not living with good intention.

We all age. Any teenager you know will one day be 60. Any 20-something hottie will one day be in her 40's with kids and if her husband does not destroy her passion for life with her desperately seeking escape, it will be a huge surprise.

And so an older woman, whether she be in her mid-thirties or beyond, is seeking redemption for her past misgivings, just as you may be.

The sex will be passionate. The adventures will be abundant.

You will one day look past the pure physical as to whatever your definition of beauty is and you will learn compromise. For all that life has taken from her over the years, it has given back with experience, lessons, loyalty and an understanding of what love really is.

This may be the perfect time to meet the right woman for you.



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    • Credence2 profile image


      2 years ago from Florida (Space Coast)

      gotta hand it to you, you have a great sense of humor. A lot of women would probably take issue with you on this though...


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