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Why Men Cheat--The One and Only Reason

Updated on January 13, 2013

Women puzzle over the question as to why men cheat. They stay up at night blaming themselves analyzing what went wrong, what they did wrong, what they could have done better. Why they couldn’t keep their man at home? Maybe he needed more sex, different sex, better sex, more affection, less affection, more nagging, less nagging, more freedom to be around his friends, less freedom with his friends. Maybe the pressures of work got to him. Maybe too many hoes were always throwing themselves at him, not caring that he was married. It’s all for naught.

The hard truth is this: When a man cheats, it has nothing to do with his wife or girlfriend. He cheats because he wants to and thinks he can get away with it.

This is a hard truth that cuts the man and the woman just as deep, it leaves the woman helpless and without control, and it bares the cheating man’s guilt for all to see.

The woman can be the most beautiful woman in the world; witness how many Hollywood starlets find all too often that their man cheats. It doesn’t matter if the woman is a sex machine willing to satisfy her man on command. It doesn’t matter if she’s the most considerate woman in the world ready to listen and offer understanding to his every need. And it doesn’t matter if she possesses every desirable quality ever used as an excuse by a man as to why he cheated. If he wants to cheat he will cheat.

The men who cheat, do so because they want to. Everything else is an excuse to justify their cheating. Everything else is a way to remove the responsibility and guilt of their action from them and a way to place it on her. They always blame the woman; she doesn’t understand me, we don’t have sex like before, she’s a bitch to me, we drifted apart, it’s her fault she can’t keep me satisfied at home. And women believe it. To women it’s always, what did I do wrong? What else could I have done? Why couldn’t I satisfy him? Maybe I didn’t love him enough. And on and on and on.

Not all men cheat, but those who do seem to have an innate knowledge of how a woman’s heart works. They know that the more excuses they put forth as to why the woman’s actions pushed him to cheat, the likelihood of her accepting the blame, even subconsciously, increases with every excuse he uses, and the more likely that she will forgive him. And forgive him she will.

Forgiveness is the supporting reason why some men cheat. They know their woman will forgive them if they’re caught, at least the first time. Women love giving second chances and these men know how to take advantage of it. If a cheating man pleads with the woman who loves him to forgive him, and promises, promises on everything dear to him that it was a mistake, that the ho' didn’t mean anything to him, that he should have come home that day and talked to her-the woman he loves instead of going to the bar, and if he shows anguish and sheds a tear, chances are she will forgive him. And things will get better for a while, but if he decides to cheat again. He will. Why? Because he wants to. Because he can. Because chances are he will be forgiven again.


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