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Understanding What Women Want

Updated on May 2, 2017

Getting beer night with the guys.......

So, men, you stumbled upon what feels like a major migraine from beating your head against the wall over and over again because you just do not get why your woman seems distant or mad all of the time. Now, you feel as though your relationship is on a downward spiral and you have no clue what so ever as to how to make things the way they use to be between yourself and your significant other. You may ask yourself repeatedly "what went wrong?". Maybe your wife or girlfriend is acting strange and well.... just downright crazy. Your life and feelings are rapidly changing because you just do not know what to do. You probably question yourself a million times a day "Is she messing around on me?". I bet other people can see the smoke rolling out of your head. The answer to these ever so famous questions is so simple but it does require one thing from you, the man in the relationship. An open mind.



Women are complex creatures and require a lot of emotional support. We tend to think that our man should ALWAYS, under any circumstance, put us first. Let's say that you want to go golfing with your buddies but you know that your wife has a doctor appointment for something that she may be worried about but she has not asked you to go (but she really does want you to go). Do you go golfing with the buddies or do you demand to go to her appointment with her? What you really want to do is just go golfing and have some time with the buds and you probably do not think twice about going golfing, you just go. Meanwhile, your wife is thinking that you are so inconsiderate of her feelings because you would rather go and have a good time instead of wasting hours at the doctors office. She may not tell you that she is angry for the pain that she is dealing with from your decision because she thinks you do not care. These emotions will build and build until there is an explosion, I promise you that! Right now you are saying "what? I do care I just don't think I NEED to be at a doctors office where I will sit miserably for the next couple of hours." While I understand that men just really want to be themselves 100% of the time, worry and drama free, women MUST NOT have their emotions and feelings neglected. This creates conflict.

Women just want to know that they are cared about and feel that they have a meaningful place in their mans heart. A simple unexpected hug gets HUGE results with your wife. Men have their own agendas and have way more important things to worry about than all this sappy emotional crap. Your wife is reaching out to you for comfort and you may mistake it for something that you just can't seem to figure out.

If you care to save your relationship then I have some suggestions that will get that woman back that you fell in love with some time ago. First, ask how her day has gone and really listen to what she has to say (even though you may not want to get into a long drawn out convo). Give unexpected hugs as this only takes a second but means more than you could imagine.


Next, woman like to feel like they are smart so you should try to fix something around the house or tell your wife that there is something that you can't fix and ask her if she knows how or to try. This will make her smile and feel good about herself. She will feel like she has impressed you therefor creating an amazing boost of self confidence.

Finally, pick some flowers and put them in her car so that she sees them as she is going to work. She will then know that she is deeply cared for. Call her in the middle of the day just to let her know that you are thinking of her. Then, she will give you your much needed time with the guys because you have shown her physical love.

In closing, women are like a plant. It starts out small and fragile. If you take care of it and water it, give it sunshine and clear the weeds, the end result of your plant will be this big huge beautiful plant that everyone adores. If you neglect your plant then it will wither and won't be so appealing. Same with a woman, you get out what you put in! Love makes women have high self esteem, become more successful and feel more comfortable releasing you to have beer night the boys. Trust me, the simple things in life are what majority of women want.

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