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Why Men Marry

Updated on November 14, 2013


Medieval wedding with a call to arms
Medieval wedding with a call to arms | Source

Love and Marriage

A Love Interest - It could be love. There is love at first sight. Also, there is a love that has grown from people being together and having known each other for a long time. Some can have decided that it is then time to make their union public. They want to show the world that they are together and in love.

Men can want to make sure that their partner does not stray. It is something that females also want. People want to be able to bond and enjoy a deeper love. That is something that one does not generally get from casual sex. It can appear to be a more grown up sort of love to be married. Men may long to be looked at as an adult as their fathers are.

Men are also reading now in the men's site that marriage will bring them better sex. It is supposed to be because they are then used to each other.

The most important reason that couples stay together is supposed to be that they have a good sexual relationship. Without it the marriage will not work out as well.






To some men it could be that they would like a companion. Coming home to an empty apartment has started to become boring to them. They could be lonely.

To others it could be that they would like a different type of marriage. They think that maybe having a relationship with too much passion is not good. They would like to have something that would last. In "The Mirror has Two Faces," Jeff Bridges plays a character that wants a friend for his marriage. He wants the marriage to be without any sex. In his mind the sex would make things too complicated. It was inspired by the French movie with the same plot. It works out so that they eventually have a normal marriage in that movie.

Family of the Bride

The Russian Bride
The Russian Bride | Source

Family and Friends

A man's family may want him to marry. His mother has her heart set on having grandchildren. That could be a very strong reason for some men. He can't resist his family. He might even marry the first girl that comes along that he thinks suitable. His girlfriend's family may also have pushed the idea a lot. A legal marriage is still better for having children.

A guy's friends could all be married. They push him into dating women and becoming married. He feels left out among his friends. If he was married, he would still be one of the gang. He may decide to go along. Seeing how happy his friends are at being married could make a big difference.

If they are not happy of course, that could all have the opposite effect. He can still marry if the idea appeals to him. He may decide that his marriage will be different.

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Marry Me


Jerry Hall

Jerry Hall, model and former wife of Mick Jagger
Jerry Hall, model and former wife of Mick Jagger | Source

A Trophy Wife

This type of wife will show everyone how far up in the world this guy has come. She can be a fashion model or she could just be extremely beautiful. He wants someone that he can show off.

He does not really need a wife that will cook and clean for him. But maybe he will want that also.

A younger wife can also be a trophy type of wife. It shows people that he can still attract women and that he has what it takes.

Jerry Hall was a model when Mick Jagger met her. It may have been love that made him want to marry her. Being a model could also have had something to do with it.

Other Reasons

He was Expected To

Because they were expected to get married is another reason. In the book, "Babbitt," by Sinclair Lewis, the main character had been dating a girl. She expected that they were going to get married. He did not want to have to tell her that he didn't want to get married, so they eventually did get married. He really did not want to get married at all. That does happen to some guys. They just fall into the idea and they don't know how to get out of it. It is just something that is expected of them.

She Inspires Him

Another reason could be that she inspires him. When former President Clinton met his future wife Hilary, he said, "Oh, no," to himself. She was very ambitious. He must have felt that she would lead him to become a better person.

A Damsel in Distress

It could also be to help someone out. Men like being able to help a girl. if the girl is in trouble, it is as if he is going to rescue a damsel in distress. It brings something different out in some men.

Men are said to be attracted to women that need them. That is for some men, not all of them. It can give them something to do and also make them feel important. They are needed then.

Someone to Remember Him

Especially if he is going into the army or to war, he may want someone to remember him. There is always someone waiting then.

A Proper Proposal


We Belong Together

Two of a Kind

Some people can be so alike that it can seem to be an obvious idea to get married. They come from the same country, region and or city. It could be that they have always known each other. They could even have known each other when they were children.

They understand each other very well. Nothing each other does will surprise the other one. It will not at all be difficult getting used to one another. In this case, they will have someone there that will always understand them better than anyone else probably would.

Opposites Attract

Two people could also be from opposite sides of the world. But the attraction is there between them. A bond forms and nothing can tear them apart. It is their differences that attract each other and make them strong together.


People that are soulmates can feel as if they have known each other forever. They feel as if they have found the one special person in the whole world that is perfect for them. The person does not have to be from the same location. It is a more spiritual idea and union.


Vintage apron
Vintage apron | Source

Getting a Housewife and Hostess

A man can just be tired of cooking for himself. There are some women that love the idea of being married and taking care of a guy. If he feels taken care of, it could be marriage as the next step.

It could also be difficult for a guy that was single to entertain people on his own. That is if he needed to for work. Keeping a house is something that needs a female touch in many cases.

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Status and Money

A girl or woman that has connections in society or business could prove to be a real asset to a man that wants to go up in the world. If he wants to be able to have a better social status than he does already, it could be a powerful incentive.

Money is something that everyone needs. A guy that marries a woman that is rich is going to have to prove usually that he wants her for herself. It could be love. It also could be that the money helped a lot. It is something that has gone on in society for centuries in history. Women marry for money and men do also.

When Cary Grant was married to the heiress, Barbara Hutton, many thought it was for the money. Their nickname together was Cash and Cary. It may have been love and also the money could have helped a little.

Barbara Hutton

Woolworth heiress, Barbara Hutton, at one time was married to Cary Grant.
Woolworth heiress, Barbara Hutton, at one time was married to Cary Grant. | Source

Married Life



Many singles now are not getting married and learning to like the idea, according to statistics. It is still a status idea to be married. If a person is not married, people can wonder about what the problem is. Everyone they know may be getting married and there is a lot of pressure on them to do so.

Women gain some benefits and status from being married. They may not put up with a guy that won't commit. It makes them look as if they can't get married to many people.

Men also have several benefits that they would not generally gain without a wife. Men can also marry for a combination of these reasons. I am sure there are also different reasons for getting married.

According to, 25% of men will get married even without love.

Many companies do prefer to hire men especially that are married. Otherwise, they are afraid they are not stable enough. It shows that they are willing to take on responsibility. They see them as being more mature.

That can also go for women. The companies are no longer supposed to ask a person's marital status, but they have ways of finding out.

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The Rings



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