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Why Men Won't Commit To A Relationship

Updated on November 17, 2013

The Real Issue

Welcome Readers, first let me just say this is not a personal attack against anyone and this is purely based off my personal experience and advice. With that being said, lets get into it. Its no secret that girls are getting pregnant younger and younger. The ratio of single parent households is higher than two family house holds. So what went wrong? Well lets start at the age bracket, 13 to 19 years of age. A lot of young girls and guys having at least one child or more. So what happened? Are they to blame? I personally think the real issue is with what was taught. Now lets go to the next age bracket 20-30 years of age. By that time a lot of women and men have more than 2 or more children. I'm not talking about marriage or two parent households here. Who is to blame the man or the woman? Or should we blame the children?


Lets go back to when we was children for a second. If your parents never talked to you about love or about relationships before you was teen think for a second what if they did? Relationships are not easy I have always stated that. Now when you have children involved its even more complicated. So now let me start with the females. You can't honestly expect that every time you decide to jump into bed with a guy that you know his true intentions. You only know your intentions. Are you thinking that you want to marry him? Have children? Can he afford you and your needs? If your not thinking that then what are you thinking? If your just wanting to have fun by all means I don't judge anyone..but if you engage in that activity without knowing the real deal you have a problem. If you have sex just because you want to have fun, ladies understand the message your sending the male. Your a hair away from being a prostitute. So in return he will treat you as something close to that. Meaning he is not in it for long term. Lots of women say they can handle it, but they personally forget that even prostitutes have feelings somewhere. So what makes you think you don't? The truth is you will reguardless if you want to or not, its human nature. Now with that being said let me go to males. What do men really look for? Like I've said a long time ago, men are not as complex as we set them up to be. Men have dreams too. They just happen to be a bit more realistic about them. They see a beautiful woman and think wow. If he talks to her and she leads the conversation to the bedroom, what do you think he thinks? That was fun. Not that she is strong, unique, intelligent, and seems like he going to have step his game to be around her. Simple as that. Can we blame the man? Not really, I say not really because their is a flip side. As I don't totally fault the man for being a man, I do have a flip side. If she gets pregnant. Now reguardless of whatever natural human insticts they had, a man knows if she is at least close to the one he wants to share his DNA with. So protection is immediate if not. In fact it should be double protection. Birth control for women and a condom for men. Simple. If not then why do it, then blame her for being a slut? You should always protect yourself. It goes back to having been taught standards, if you wasn't taught then teach yourself.

In closing

I have a few personal words of advice for ladies. If you want a man to respect you, love you, spoil you, and give you what you deserve then you need to do all those things for yourself first. If you choose to have fun just at least know what your doing and the risk. The more men you choose to sleep remember (if your doing it for fun) there is bitterness that follows double just the normal relationship. When you see prostitutes what do you think of them? They are just women high on drugs for no reason? Any drug addict is looking for an escape to pain and hurt. Or are unhappy in many ways. They escape that bitterness by using drugs to get away, thats how bad it is. So when you sleep around remember that don't expect a man to take you seriously or even any better than street walkers. Protect yourself and teach your children. Tell them the truth. It only takes a few minutes to teach. And it lasts a life time. Be well readers and please feel free to drop comments on the bottom of the page if you want too. Thank you for reading!


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