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Why Men and Women are so Different but Necessary

Updated on March 5, 2016

Men and Women in the subtle forms, reasoning and logic

Men are different beings in which we use mostly the left side of the brain for functionality. Like logic, intellect and reasoning. We use the to bring reason and meaning into our worlds and we use it for survival of the species and our families. It has been passed down from generation through the dna system that has been in place. It has been a conditioning that has been imbedded with us since the beginning but is the tide now starting to change in which we see more women taking on the older and traditional roles. More and more women these days are taking lead positions and are making more money than men in the workplace and overall at times. The alfa machio complex of men is no longer holding any weight these days when it comes to monetary compensation of women. Life is a continuous change of events in which we see different meanings and concepts pass before out eyes. Men and women are changing as the generations pass by that soon enough we will be seeing an inevitable merge within the two species. This evolutionary merge may be of the androgyonous human being that is capable of retaining both aspects of male and female qualities. Is this where our evolutionary growth will be determined. I believe that somehow it is. The female will become the alfa donna with both capabilities and understand what is it like to have both male and female qualities. The evolutionary cycle is coming. Not so immediate but in the most subtle of ways. This is the philosophy of change that we are seeing in the world.And as we see the dna changing as the times passes we then see that we had the potential for growth and evolvement all along. Which is for me the basis of this conversation. The 12 stranded dna will bring us back to a certain level of awareness that would allow is to reconnect with the universe and all that is. To connect to everything as we once did centuries ago. Are we once again ready to re-adapt what we have lost so long ago? Women are needed in this world because they bring balance to man. As logical and wreckless and man can be , you can always assure a women will be there to pick up his pieces and put them all together and give a certain understanding of the right brain type to bring clarity , harmony and balance to any situation when it becomes necessary to do so. This is the balance of life and a certain energy type that a woman brings into the life of man. Not so conditioned with pure logic and reasoning but an understanding of the more harmonious elements of earth and her nature. The philosophy of man and woman doesn't have to be so different. It can be an essential process to understanding what we are and what we can be come together. The key is not to let the egoic mindset of the connectivity of thought to life. When you lose yourself in this world because of attachment, it is not a way to live. There fore stay care free and do not live with attachment to all material things in this world, because it is not only limiting to the human experience but also no freedom in it. In life, we must ask ourselves what is really important here? Are we living the best we can seeking the pleasures of life alone or are we getting the real picture of love that is attained by family and the relationships that we have with each other as man an women? What are we truly supposed to be seeing here? If love is the most important concept in this world and it is the primary thing that we need to be understanding than why are so many people caught up in the material addiction of life that are ephemeral anyways? Things come and they go, just like the many thoughts that arise in our heads each day. All just manifestations of coniousness. Sometimes it is necessary to clear the mind, especially at night when the endless streams of though continue to array our mind with unpleasant repetitions of things that don't need to be there in the first place. This is the cause of insomnia as people get older in their lives. We must find the forms or practices, like meditation to alleviate the conditions of restlessness and needless thinking that goes on each day and night.


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