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Why Mobile World phone moved from selling vegetables to sell?

Updated on March 29, 2016

Recently, a lot of topical information on the Mobile World will participate strongly in the domestic retail market share. Surprise is that, as a giant in the field of retail electronic products and telecommunications, target mobile world towards the future is the consumer retail market, with strategic goods are vegetable and food industry.

The shift to surprise the mobile world has made many people feel anxious, not knowing what to do this now to grapple with retail giants as experience in this sector is almost no . And above all, what are the reasons why the mobile world plunged into a great industry like nothing related to the forte of this business?

If regular monitoring of business news and financial, can be seen along with Vinamilk, Masan and VinGroup, World Mobile is emerging as a model typical of private enterprises.

Currently, this is now the market leader in mobile phone retailer in Vietnam, accounting for about 30% domestic market share. JSC Mobile World also owns electronics system with 37 Blue electronics stores, leading in number compared with rivals and 5% market share after only electrical electronics Cholon and Nguyen Kim.


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