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Why Most Ladies Won't Be Married

Updated on December 7, 2011

Marriage Ought To Be Your Destination

Marriage, marriage, marriage! Yes, marriage should be the aim and goal of every healthy relationship or date. Must every relationship lead to marriage? No! Why not? The reason every relationship cannot lead to marriage is because most relationships are unhealthy and selfishly inclined based on individual selfish interests like: selfish desire to gain financial benefits, material things, electronic gadgets, sex, social recognition, and other forms of selfish interests and favors. Should every relationship lead to marriage? Yes, if it’s healthy and genuine, marriage should be the destination.

Before I forge ahead, I want to say a big thank you to all my fans, readers, followers and contributors, for being there for me and for giving me the inspiration to write whatever I have written in the past, or whatever I am about to write now, thank you and thank you. I am also using this timeless opportunity to send a big xmas greetings to you all in advance- merry Christmas and a prosperous new year in advance!

Now, back to business. Oh, oh, not business…lolz, back to the topic; why most ladies will not be married. Before we move on, let me once again confess another truth that each day that I wake up, I keep wondering and thinking how to change many things for good, one of such things include: how to make every relationship to be happy or happier than it is right now, how to transform ladies into the real woman they are meant to be, how to make my fellow men understand the true worth of a lady (not just by giving her money and material things, but by loving her truly and genuinely with their hearts), and most importantly, how to take away poverty and unemployment from people, especially the youths. The reason why I stressed much on poverty and unemployment is for the fact that these two calamities are the main reason love is withering in our world today. You know why? Because, in our selfish quests for financial and material favors, we most times end up dating and probably, loving the wrong people, whereas on a level ground where there is no poverty, no unemployment, etc, we love genuinely who we love and wish to love not for what they are, what they have or what financial or material favor they can offer us. This scenario is most common in the developing world today, and I also believe that it is spreading fast in the developed world too due to the recent global recession, and the technology boom. I know it sounds dreamy for me to be thinking of changing all these things, but it can be achieved if you and I can honestly work together to make it work.

Haven made my intentions known let me take a recap of my works. In the past, I have treated topics like: how to know if a man truly loves you, why do men cheat, how to connect with a good husband, choosing a good husband, how, etc, etc, which helped most ladies globally, to amend their life, and probably, change their orientation on who to date and who not to date, thanks to the internet technology that made these articles freely accessible to ladies worldwide. But this time, I want to treat something different entirely based on what I have been observing and wished to make a positive contribution that would help ladies to make further adjustments for good. Remember, I am still single and wouldn’t like to end in the hands of a wrong lady, that’s why I always take my time to research my topics and points.

Why won’t most ladies get married?

Because they are not marriageable in many senses like: emotionally, mentally, character-wise, spiritually, manner-wise, etc, etc.

Men seek for just three things in a woman they want to spend the rest of their life with.

Firstly, they want to get emotional satisfaction (sexual satisfaction, company, etc), they want a woman who can feed them gastronomically (good food!), and they want a woman who can willingly and joyfully raise a home (kids are the main ingredient of a home) with them. If you as a single lady, do not have any of these to offer to a man, then, you are unmarriageable, you better start earlier now to work towards improving it.

I know what you are thinking right now; what do I get in return for all these? Honestly speaking, if you can offer this to a man in his right senses, he will give you back more than what you expected- emotional satisfaction, material, financial, physical, etc, etc provisions, and he will also partner high with you to make an enviable home.

What Do Men Actually Look For In A Wife?

Men are desperately seeking for a woman that will worship them. Yes, you heard me right; WORSHIP is the word I used. Naturally, men are designed to seek for worship, they are designed to be leaders, and leaders seek for submission and worship from their followers, and that is what men are seeking for. If you cannot offer this, your beauty, political, financial, social, spiritual or whatever status may obviously win you a husband, but I am promising you that it won’t last long. It will either end in a divorce, or end up unhappy forever! Haven’t you seen some married people who have everything- money, cars, mansion, companies, political status, etc and yet, they live like cat and dog? Or haven’t you entered some homes that the moment you step into the family, you become unhappy and pissed with their nature? All these are the outcomes of a woman not being submissive to her husband. And how does it start? It starts from when she was growing up as a girl; she refused to worship the male parties in her family cycle- brothers, half-brothers, male-cousins, nieces, uncles, etc.

As a single girl, start now to practice worship for men; worship your father, your brothers, your male-cousins, uncle, etc, and it will become part of you, and honestly, you will become irresistible to any sensible and reasonable man. I am quite convinced that many ladies won’t believe or agree to this, especially my American friends, because to most, they will see this as being inferior or belittling themselves, but that’s not it. Honestly, this is the single reason there are more and more divorce cases in America today than in any other part of the world. You will see a young lady of 35, and she is divorced, why? Because she refused to submit herself to the man she married, it’s not necessarily because American men are bad, it’s mostly because American ladies now feel equal and most times higher than their men, since they have more or equal financial empowerment than they, which is obviously not good for a happy relationship or marriage. No matter what, a woman ought to be submissive to her husband, believe it or not. I f you disagree, then, you are on the way to building an unhappy relationship or marriage that may end up in a disastrous breakup.

This is where modernization comes into play. In our quest to bring gender equality, we have nurtured another dangerous weapon, which we are now witnessing in the form of increased divorced rates, infidelity and breakups globally. Gender equality is good, but it had been misused by most ladies, just as nuclear technology had been misused by terrorist nations to make nuclear bombs instead of electrical power generations. Most ladies today misunderstood gender equality as seeing themselves equal or more powerful or above men, which they usually take to their dates, relationships, and marriages, and what do they get as a reward? Repeated heartbreaks, dumping and worse of all, divorce. And then, they end up spreading the news to younger girls that men are bad and dubious towards women, when actually they were the ones that bred their problems.

What Do I Mean By Wosrhip?

From the beginning of the world, women are meant to be helpers to men. Women are meant to make the men feel kingly, even though he is not a king, every man wants to experience that same superiority a real king experiences in his kingdom. What are those superiority? Being fed well by a good cook (his girlfriend, wife, etc), being respected and feared when he gives a certain command or order, being loved by his subordinates, being assured that none of his subordinates has joined his enemies or turn saboteur, etc, etc.

In order words, you as a single girl ought to cultivate this habit now that you are single, start practicing this worship from your father’s house- cook good foods for your siblings, serve your brothers joyfully and watch them reciprocate their love, treat them special, make them feel they have a special sister. Help them to dress well, tell them how beautiful they look in their dresses, tell them sweet words, serve them like kings and watch them treat you like a supernatural queen. Remember, it doesn’t matter if your father is the serving prime minister or president of your country, you must ignore the chefs, the maids, the cooks, etc, and pay your worship to your brothers, your cousins, nieces, etc, and it will become part of you, so that when you finally get married, it will only be like your home, and the man will respect and love you forever.

N.B: Read the novel: Like Water For Chocolate, by- Laura Esquivel

Let me make it known here that you cannot be a bad girl in your father’s house and hope to be a good wife tomorrow, no, it doesn’t work that way. If you are always fighting with your brothers, your male cousins, etc, it is a clear warning to you that you cannot be a good girlfriend, fiance or a wife, please start now to make adjustments. If you cannot love your own blood and flesh, how then will you love another blood?

This is one of the main reasons majority of men run away from ladies born into wealthy families. It is not that they have any other special problem, no, their only problem is the problem of not being totally submissive to their- boyfriends, fiances, and finally husbands. And this is why you wonder why most marriages involving wealthy ladies always crash and crumble like the Berlin wall. They see themselves as more higher than their men, so they refuse to submit to their men, thinking that their wealth, social and maybe political status will make men to roll on the floor for them to tramp on, no way! Obviously, some cunning men will only pretend to love them for a moment, and once they get what they are after, they fly away like eagle. But if a lady is wealthy and humble and submissive to her man, be it her boyfriend, her fiance or her husband, believe me, she will be loved like a queen, and genuine and reasonable men will come seeking for her for a lifetime commitment. And it doesn’t take anything away from you as a lady, the only problem there is just the fact that it has formed part of your habit, and that’s why you must start now that you are single to practice worship for men, you can start from your family, your work place, your church, etc…it doesn’t bring you down, it only glorifies you as a lady and makes you irresistible to men.

I have lots and lots of things to pour out on this very topic, but for now, let me leave you here to meditate on the few that we’ve discussed so far, meanwhile, we shall continue very soon. Thank you as you work towards transforming your life to a virtuous woman you are!


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    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from L Island

      @carolinemd21, thanks for finding out time to read appreciate, thank you.

    • carolinemd21 profile image

      Caroline Marie 

      6 years ago

      Really interesting article. Thanks for the advice. lol

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from L Island

      @Elizabeth, thanks so much...comments like yours motivates every writer to do more....

    • profile image


      6 years ago

      Great write up

    • accofranco profile imageAUTHOR


      6 years ago from L Island

      @Ifeoma, thanks and thanks for the great words of encouragement...i am glad you found it worthy...and thanks again for stopping by, please do pass the article accross. Thank you.

    • profile image

      Ifeoma B Anyanwu 

      6 years ago

      You made a great points here, well said dear. I will surely put this in practice.


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