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FAMILY, LOVE AND RELATIONSHIP: Our Boyfriends Give The Silent Treatment, Why?

Updated on September 15, 2016

Silent Treatment Behavior

we often do the silent treatment, we did not even realize that men can do it too
we often do the silent treatment, we did not even realize that men can do it too | Source

Girls often give silent treatment to their guys

What makes us women act childish, avoid her bf, do tantrums and not answering his questions every time he is asking what is wrong?

Do you know what are the reasons why girls are doing that to their men? Here are some for you to know and maybe it will give idea so you will know what to do then..Just informing the men out there and also the women who don't know their own silent behavior :)

One reason: He does not have a clue why we are annoyed even he did something annoying to us.

When you expect him to take you to a resort on weekends after a long time of not seeing each other, but he just ask you to go out to the mall with you because he is tired from work -- you will be mad at him. That is the time you will act silly. You will stop talking to him. And he will notice that treatment without any idea why you are acting like that.

Another reason: He did not reach your expectations.

When he says something that is very important to you like visiting your family on a planned date suddenly he cancelled it without informing you or any reason to say. You will act silly again. You even did not notice you are acting childish again like a child if they did not get their wants they will do the same thing to their parents.

Funny reason: We want him to feel guilty so that they will pay us attention. Funny isn't?

When you just feel to make him feel irritated because you think he is cute when annoyed and you just like to drive him crazy. You do this crazy treatment.:)

We know the reasons why we give him the silent treatment in our relationship because women think simple about their men.

So maybe it is easy for us to assume that our guy gives us the silent treatment for the same reasons we are doing it. You are absolutely wrong!

From my observation, I think here are the reasons why He is also doing the Silent Treatment.

Here is something to know you might be shocked when you read this. Guys have their different reasons why they are treating us the same way we did to him. Completely different reasons but completely the same way in treating. The Silent Treatment, very hurtful so don't make fun of it.

To know the reasons why they are giving this treatment to us is very important and should have at least pay attention on it, because if you assume receiving this from him for the same reasons that you do, then you might react in the wrong way to ruin your relationship with him! Unlike us, men have the very good reasons why they act like that.

One example that is happening to most women goes like this...

These are the ideas we always imagine. When a man and a woman start liking each other and decide to date exclusively. They have dinner together every other night or lunch if they are near from each other, they have romantic dinners or watch movies together every weekends, they spend some hug or cuddle time together anytime and anywhere they like as an adult. they want to spend their time together to know each other better and enjoy the moment together like honeymooners. Sounds familiar, right?

But all of a sudden, he tends to pull back from daily routines with you. He ends phone calls with you very early and tell you he needs something to do just to disconnect with you. He gets busier with work and have no time with you. He sets fewer dates and prefer to stay at home with friends or be alone.

Another familiar situations?

Because of his behavior, many of us make a big mistake in reacting with his behavior.

Many women think that he is losing interest in the relationship, getting tired to be with you, or he is seeing another woman and have a new girl. These are really the things we firstly think about his treatment to us.

And then we make the mistake of freaking out and confronting him because we are worrying that we might be losing him without thinking that we can loose him because of this over reaction.

Why am I telling you that this is a mistake? The reason why this is a mistake is something that you don't know. Actually, all accusations that come to your mind are false. He is not doing it at all when treating you the silent treatment.

After observing men, I've realized why men suddenly become distant from us after the honeymoon stage. They are not actually bored on you, or cheating on you, or disinterested with you, or any of that on you. Except for the playboys of course. I am talking about the serious guy in a relationship ok?

What they are doing at the moment when you receive a silent treatment from him is actually reassessing their lives. They are just taking a look on the things he is doing at the moment about his life with friends, his life on his career path, his own personal development for success and his family.

You will make a big mistake of losing him if you interrupt on his very important time of his life. As his girlfriend, you should never take his time by arguing with him or by accusing him with nonsense things.

Why? It is all about you and him. He is trying to find a place for you in his life since he is serious about the relationship. He is thinking on how to balance his time on focusing on his career and raising a family of his own and thinking of how to balance his time on growing his own relationship with you and maintaining his bonds with his family and friends.

He is thinking very hard in that period of time of silence whether the relationship with you, is really the right one to pursue or not..

And it is really a heart breaking how so many women ruin their relationships by interrupting their boyfriends at this critical point of their lives because we don't have idea about the reasons of his silence.

What We can do to deal with it

If you really love him and don't like to have a mistake in dealing this situation it would definitely be easier for us to understand this stage. It is possible to encourage him to speak his mind more openly with us, instead of going silent on you and trying to deal with it all by himself.

You have to learn to talk to him in his own language by his personality to make him look at the world in his own special way. You know him very well as his girlfriend so If he seems so much sweeter whenever he starts talking to you at your level, you should talk to him at his level too and that way he is going to open up to you much more easily and comfortably. But no two men are the same because we have individual differences, so you should know your boyfriend's level of personality. It would be great if the two of you could talk about everything in your relationship naturally and comfortably and also would be great if woman could encourage her man to share his plans, dreams, and feelings instead of keeping it all to himself.

Do your work women! Hope it can help :)


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    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao 4 years ago from Philippines

      Thank you denden for addtional insight and advices. I appreciate it :)

    • denden mangubat profile image

      denden mangubat 4 years ago from liloan, cebu, philippines

      maybe she/he just had a problem with the family,or about your behaviour.or feels guilty on somthing we don't know.we only know if we will ask that someone with compassion of what's really the matter.offer advice.or tell him/her that JESUS loves you.

    • bujoy83 profile image

      Robelyn Yambao 4 years ago from Philippines

      thanks dashingscorpio for giving me additional idea about the behavior of the guy..even we have individual differences but at least we have idea on how to treat a guy so our relationship with him will not be in trouble.:)

    • dashingscorpio profile image

      dashingscorpio 4 years ago

      Voted up and interesting.

      As a man I have never been into the "silent treatment". In fact I see it as some type of game or power play. I'd just as soon dump a woman who was unable or unwilling to communicate.

      I'm not sure if I've ever given a woman the silent treatment unless it was for the purpose of using my internal "edit button" before expressing my displeasure about a particular situation. I might go for a walk, a drive, or go to the gym or even a movie to cool down depending on how angry I am. If it is something that (really) pissed me off I might weigh the options as to if it is worth continuing the relationship or find someone who "gets me".