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Why People Cannot Live in Harmony With Other People

Updated on March 15, 2012

You might be wondering why this issue has been around forever.

We can go back to the moment when Cain killed Able and see in his eyes the guiltiest look out of anger and perhaps remorse.

We can go back to Tutankhamun's times and see his own people taking his life. Or maybe we can go to that Senatorum, where Brutus and a bunch of 'good for nothing' Senators, end the life of Caesar. Even here at HP, we have to deal with different reactions to our hubs...or just come with us and hear Republicans getting ready to veto this insignificant allowance for Obama's puppy. In real life, this is not so funny.


So why we do not get along?

Is human nature. Simple, but we have to write 300 more words in order to meet the quota for AdSense.

We try to compare ourselves with others

Even myself, I tend to criticise my own sloppy comments that go nowhere, except my own trash can. We, unconsciously, do compare ourselves with some people. Why? You gotta go back to your first memories and find out that that cake was never made for you, or that remark about your look when you were on 4th grade. In order to make up for that void we create this mental shield; we try to stick with the trend of the day and the fashion. Some areas of in our brain need to release some endorphins after having an argument; this tendency to keep pushing the limits feeds that need. Amazing right? But if you try to check your own acts, you will see... or probably catch up with your own behavior. Sorry, I never meant to say, "pants down"


I know I cannot get along, then I'll join my own

If you are an armament dealer, you don't need to get along with any one. You create controversy and push for that button. If you are dealing with drugs, then you need to supply your clients before Saturday night. What does it cause? Of course this will deteriorate so many surroundings. If you are texting while your are driving, of course you will bring your little piece of bad Karma against those MADD moms. If you are a male, then you cannot be free to avoid harmony by driving everyday to work. There will be 3 hours out of those 24, when you definitely will be exposed to that 'cheating factor' kind. Do you honestly believe that harmony will be found after all these unwanted situations?

We are not alone, and we can diverge in our opinions...!
We are not alone, and we can diverge in our opinions...! | Source

Society and its moving environment

We all are not born equal. Some will become excellent Scientists and others will aim for the White House. If we could see every household through this X-ray vision mind, we will see couples talking and approaching a solution to a daily issue. Genetically, we men are supposed to find answers to keep our spouses at bay. But, just wait for any intruder to tell you what to do and end up on that Yahoo's mugshot of the week. Or just look through your window seeing your neighbor Max being sneaky enough to let his dogie piss on your own front yard. This will be like well, gee! Where my boundaries end, starts my own neighbors 'release of pain'

You've heard the saying, "Can't we just get along?" The next minute your face will welcome that big apple pie from the three stooges. Smash!!

Society itself moves with the news and the gone viral video from an ex husband that was caught by a camera, trying to date a young teen. Republicans and Democrats paying for those 15 seconds ads, just to let you know that your current candidate, had an affair 25 years ago. I mean gee! How can we keep our harmony as part of a society? You sent those 50 bucks in the mail for a campaign, and was used to pay for that despicable commercial that we have to deal with on every political campaign.

Just do your best by:

  • Accepting others mistakes
  • Learn to set your emotional boundaries.
  • Watch that puppy please! He can lick your face, but not your neighbors.
  • Set a daily goal and think ahead. If you know trouble is around the corner, avoid shaking its hands.
  • If you love gossiping, tell us, we would like to laugh with you, and keep it to ourselves.
  • Education. Set yourself in improving your mind.
  • Learn to be patient, when you get that speeding ticket
  • Just have fun. Life is too short.

Our #10/30
Our #10/30 | Source


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  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Hi Levertis Steele,

    We are glad you enjoyed this hub. Take care my friend. Lots of thoughts to ponder, as you said.


  • Levertis Steele profile image

    Levertis Steele 6 years ago from Southern Clime

    Great hub! It certainly makes a person think.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Hi there RHW,

    Well, we are humurous by nature...the trinity, you know?

    Thanks for being such a fun person and friend!


  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Thanks for commenting Flora: Humans are a delicate creation and prone to be affected by others' reactions. Since creation, we were raised to stay and be alert, and be ready to confront misunderstandings. This is a complex subject and thanks for adding your input!


  • RealHousewife profile image

    Kelly Umphenour 6 years ago from St. Louis, MO

    Lord - I was laughing when you made the content requirement comment! lol Then I saw some really wise points all mixed up with humor! You are a tricky one:)

    It is dangerous for puppies to go sticking their noses into the neighbor's yard - isn't it? I have told my dog that a million times - rude too! lol

  • FloraBreenRobison profile image

    FloraBreenRobison 6 years ago

    Conflict is human and natural. But when that is all you do, you will drive people away from you. If you take part in the broad spectrum of human emotions, that is really all you can ask of yourself as far as immediate reactions are concerned. Sometimes when you are face to face with the person, it is not possible to avoid conflict, and if you are angry and don't let it out, that tension will remain in your body and that is very unhealthy.

    As for online, well: lack of facial expressions, tone of voice and our different emotional make-up will often lead to problems even in topics that you wouldn't expect to be controversial. Most people know not to discuss politics and religion, but trying to guess how others will react when you discuss topics you think would be neutral is exhausting. Because of it, even my hubs on movie stars need to be approved before they are published because a real person has to read it, not a computer bot. Funny in an ironic way- Richard Widmark had specific liberal politics, but I don't mention them in my hub. :)

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    Thanks to you Bizwin. Oh God! You said it right! Don't get on other people's way. Just be yourself and ejoy those 365 days of thr year. Thanks!


  • bizwin profile image

    Christabel Evans 6 years ago from England, UK

    Thanks for sharing this. I feel we all have choices in life. Choose life and live or choose the opposite which is not life and you will have it. Life is really too short but very interesting and enjoyable to spend doing nothing but getting on others way.

  • Lord De Cross profile image

    Joseph De Cross 6 years ago

    @Sunni Day,

    This subject is not a joke. It's an every day issue, half of the news are full of these stories. Thanks!

    @Debiie Cain killed, Kennedy was killed, Martin Luther king was killed.. and so on!. The media cannot be showing pathetic images for us to feed our thirst.

    @Hi Marcy; The worst part is that the more pain we inflict, the more we feel relieved. Just an example: The massacres being commited south of the Border by those Zetas. Thanks!

    @Vincent, you are right; SIN should stand for seed injustice now, and is in the all over. Just thinking about Point Saint Charles back in 1960's I see you standing up for what is yours and surviving..your time....Thanks my friend

    @Tammy, knowing yourself about bullying and mistreatment , makes you wonder, how far can we take..and then explode? Your comments did say a lot, Thanks!

    @Rolly, thanks for stopping by. The future is here now. Cyberbullying make some people take their lives. Violence is all over those CALL OF DUTY games. Media won't stop showing you negative news...just to feed that monster in us. Thanks again!


  • Rolly A Chabot profile image

    Rolly A Chabot 6 years ago from Alberta Canada

    Today in the age of instant media we see some of the most prominent people lose it and that is the tend with has been set. Sadly the same is carried out in homes all over the world. I question what we are cultivating for our futures.

    Great hub here and one to ponder for certain.


  • tammyswallow profile image

    Tammy 6 years ago from North Carolina

    Very enlightening! I think every single person is so self centered in nature that it takes real effort for people to mindfully think of others. Because of the rush of modern day life, people don't do this because they are stressed or because they were never taught to be considerate of others. It is a sad state of affairs worldwide. Our society does not value personal ingretity over other things such as status, wealth, looks, and etc.. Sad, but true.

  • profile image

    Vincent Moore 6 years ago

    Nicely done my friend. Getting along? we haven't gotten along since Adam left Eve, we've been fighting ever since. I suppose that ugly word SIN just kept getting in the way and humans have never been able to get past it. I love peace, though I have fought my wars throughout my life and have the wounds and scars to show for it. I simply want tranquility, but I know the only way that will come about is when MEN lay down their arms, wars end, and John Lennon's song becomes a reality. ALL WE NEED IS LOVE and let's not forget IMAGINE......thank you for the share, voted up and shared.

  • Marcy Goodfleisch profile image

    Marcy Goodfleisch 6 years ago from Planet Earth

    You are so right - we spend a lot of energy trying to make up for, or even give payback for those insults we got in fourth grade. We have trouble accepting our own flaws, as well as those of others.

    Excellent points here. Thanks! Voted up, useful and interesting!

  • Deborah Brooks profile image

    Deborah Brooks Langford 6 years ago from Brownsville,TX

    Lord.. this is wonderful as usual.. You make us ponder our thoughts...I wish we could get along... but like you said since Cain killed his brother.. things have gone down hill since then. voted way up my friend


  • profile image

    Sunnie Day 6 years ago

    Wonderful hub lord..I agree with so much of what you have said..I was thinking of one more emotion that gets people and that is that spirit of being OFFENDED!..Sometimes people walk around being offended and the littlest thing will set them off..It truly is sad to live that way. Thank you for shining some light and maybe we all can do better in this area.

    Big hugs to ya