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Why She Will Not Marry You

Updated on October 28, 2010

Why She Will Not Marry You

Okay, I've covered why he will not marry you, but there is also a reason a woman will not marry a guy. You're a guy whose proposed to your girlfriend on more than one occasion and has gotten turned down each time. You love your girlfriend and want to make her your wife. However, she doesn't seem to be all that interested in becoming your wife. The reason's for a woman not wanting to marry you can be endless, such as she's just not the kind of woman who wants to be tied down being someone's wife.

While some women welcome marriage in their lives, some women may be content with just being the girlfriend. Perhaps, your girlfriend just don't think you're husband material, she might view you as a guy who can't be faithful to one woman and decide that marrying you would be a big mistake.

She might want to finish college and get a good career before getting hitched with you and a loving girlfriend will hope that you wait for her to accomplish these goals, needless to say, she will not have a problem letting you go before letting you destroy her goals.

It is also possible that a woman might want to find herself, enjoy her life and have fun because she knows that once she's married not long after the children will come and her freedom will be scarce. This is not to say that she will not enjoy life as a wife and mother, it's just even more special when you know you have done the things that you always wanted to do.

Now, there is a bad side to why your girlfriend might not want to marry you, it is possible that she is seeing another guy or she may not be, she's probably just not all that into you. Communicate with your girlfriend, let her know that you love her and want to marry her, and also add that you will not wait around forever.

If you have been divorced many times and have children with your previous wives, the new girlfriend might think twice about wanting to be married to you, and she might not entertain the thought of marrying you.

Sometimes a womans family and friends influences her not to get married, and that's usually from women she know whose been in bad marriages and has warned her that marriage is not the best thing for a woman, but that being single for the rest of your life is.

Don't rush your girlfriend into anything without giving her enough time to think about it before she says yes. She should know that you're serious about wanting to be married to her, don't joke around about marriage with her, making her believe you're just talking about it with no real intentions for getting married.

There are some men who will not ask his girlfriend to marry him in fear she might tell him, no; You should never let fear keep you from doing something that will better your life. So the next time you want to ask your girlfriend for her hand in marriage, sit her down and have an in-depth talk about your future with her.


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