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Why Should You Marry A Filipina?

Updated on April 1, 2014
Why Should You Marry A Filipina
Why Should You Marry A Filipina

Philippine Marriage

Being a country that is bound by religious faith, it does not come as a surprise that the idea of marriage among Filipinos is one of the most important things they value. Any relationship in the Philippines is normally expected to end up at the altar. Many Filipinos put a huge emphasis on the sanctity of marriage since this can be a source of great pride among the family and extended families of both the bride and the groom. In other words, the members would be more than happy to see their kin unite together, as Filipinos are known to be very welcoming and accepting, generally speaking.


Marrying a Filipina

If you are considering marrying a Filipina or you have a Filipina girlfriend whom you intend on marrying, first of all, the cultural differences will not bother you much. This is because a Filipina woman easily adjusts to the environment as well as to whatever challenges that may arise. In other words, even though you are coming from two completely different backgrounds, a Filipina woman would cleverly find her way around it in order to keep the harmony in her home. Since most Filipinos are family orientated, they tend to be serious about their roles within the marriage.

A Filipina woman which could be your wife will often fulfill her duties in order to take care of her husband and her children. A loving and caring home is always one of the significant things you would discover, which a Filipina wife or mother could build.


A Filipina woman is one of the best life partners you can find. She comes from a very loving and sensitive culture, and which you can truly experience as you spend time with her. One of her priorities would likely be to have a good and loving family. You can never go wrong with a Filipina woman for she always has her family and children at the top of her list. In fact, a Filipina woman can put her husband and children ahead of her and everything else, just to provide them with the most loving environment they can have. Also, you might have become aware already of the fact that Filipina women are never ones to easily shirk at efforts which involve making sacrifices, such as making ends meet or keeping a well-structured budget just to give the best for her family, for instance, good quality education for her children. This is because of the Filipino pride she carries with her, and which is about making sure she never gets to lose hope. Indeed, Filipinos in general are overly concerned with what “other people” might have to say or think about them, and so, they often try to be the best in everything that they do.

This is only the author’s general observation and opinion of her own culture and people.

Finally, most Filipina women have their honor and pride to keep when it comes to marriage. They can be counted on to support their mates and their children through thick and thin, which they dutifully fulfill as part of their beliefs and religious code. Marriage to Filipinos is a lifelong bond and commitment. You must know that there is no divorce in the Philippines and if you’ve decided to marry a Filipina woman, you have to be very sure that it is “for life, for better or for worse, for richer or for poorer, in sickness and in health, to love each other for the rest of your lives, even for eternity.”


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    • Christopher Isto profile image

      Christopher Isto 4 years ago from Richmond, Vermont

      Have to agree with this for the most part. Of course, these are sweeping generalizations and there are bad women to marry in the Phils just like anywhere. The bad ones there, though, are often easier to recognize.