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Why Women Like Bad Boys

Updated on November 8, 2009

I've heard a lot of theories as to why so many women seem to find bad boys so appealing. Most of the theories are rubbish and were clearly created by people who couldn't come up with a better answer. I've been attracted to, and have dated, several bad boys over the years; believe me when I tell you the reasons aren't all that mysterious or elusive. In fact, none of it is really all that difficult to understand when you consider basic biology. I'm not going to get too in-depth here, I'm just going to address the Top 5 Reasons Women Like Bad Boys. I feel like this is stating the obvious, but clearly it isn't, or so many people wouldn't have such a difficult time getting it.

Bad Boys are Broken.

When most people see a bad boy, they see a guy they might class as a loser, thug, hood, etc. etc. Or, maybe he's a perfect citizen who just look/acts similarly. Whatever the case, when certain women look at him, all they see is broken. And broken is really, really appealing to some of us. It's not that we want to be with someone who acts like a prat, but more that we want to make him better. To be the only person who could fix him. It's partly altruistic, partly twisted, and 100% addictive.

Bad boys are intense.

This is my number one reason for dating bad boys. I like my men to be intense on some level, and bad boys always deliver. They are passionate, which is a lot more than I can say for the metrosexual. I'm sure I don't need to explain that this intensity is always, always, always carried over into the bedroom -- do you still need to wonder why women like them so much?

Bad boys are jealous.

Most non-bad-boy types will pretend that they are not jealous, even if they are. Women don't like men who act like a jerk when jealous, but if a woman says a little jealously isn't highly flattering, she is either lying, or she isn't really attracted to the person in question. You don't need to act like a caveman, but a little jealously can make a woman feel quite sexy.

Bad boys are animalistic.

Whether the silent type or the brawling biker, bad boys live in the moment. They don't worry about what other people think, they just act on instinct. Again, this carries over into the bedroom. (Oh boy, does it ever!) Obviously, some men are too animalistic and no one likes a man who has zero boundaries or self control, but raw masculinity is extremely attractive.

Bad boys are taboo.

The more daddy told you to stay away from the boy down the street, the more you wanted to know why, and the more you wanted to find out for yourself. And the more your learned, the more you liked him. That's just the way it works. Parents know that these types of men are attractive, but going out of your way to forbid relationships with them can sometimes result in daddy's little girl sneaking around to have one.


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