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In love with Vampires

Updated on August 23, 2016

Who is he?


What women are craving for

Looking at all the vampire love stories out there I started wondering why women like me feel attracted by those blood suckers. Yes, I admit it, I wouldn't say no if a sexy vampire came along, offering me eternal love. But is it only the bonus of an endless life and a never ending love story?

Thinking of my first contact with a vampire story in my childhood and what kind of movies I saw since then I tried to figure out my phychological development. I think most of you will be able to name your first vampire story, either being a book or a movie. Mine was a series of children's book followed by the tv series. Grown up in Germany's 80ies my class teacher always read a book to us for the last 10 minutes of a lesson. One day she read "Der kleine Vampir" ( the little vampire) by the author Angela Sommer-Bodenburg and I was fascinated straight away. Then the tv series came out, based on that books. It was an American-Canadian coproduction, so maybe you have seen that, too. I was only nine years old and started to run around dressed like a vampire with a black wig. I made the costume myself and always imagined I could fly.

Being a child the attitude towards vampires was different: I didn't felt attracted by one, but wanted to be one myself: strong, able to fly, no school etc. Being a woman and having a crush on vampires is based on fundamental female needs seeking to be met by typical vampire characteristics or "vampiristics".

My favourite book in my childhood

The Little Vampire Moves In (Little Vampire series)
The Little Vampire Moves In (Little Vampire series)

Vampire moves into the cellar of his human friend...hilarious


1. Vampiristic: experienced and knowledgeable

Thinking of the experience and knowledge a 900year old vampire must have this vampiristic indefinitely the most sexy plus a vampire got. Imagine the endless evenings you can spend at the fireplace listening to all his stories he could tell you about his life, all the wisdom he could gather and all the places he could have been to. He will never run out of new special places he could show you. He could teach you so much about people, history, life in general and be your personal entertainer at the same time. Besides, that is the reason why I think Edward wasted his time going to high school over and over again. I would have been bored to death (or better stake myself): eternal listening to stupid teachers in the morning and hunting at night...

2. Vampiristic: mysterious

If I learned that vampires exist I would be overwhelmed by the consequences for me. The question that would strike me first: What else is out there??? In that moment I start to question the whole system of the world and of life. I had a complete new area to explore. I wanted to find out if there are ghosts or witches as well. I would feel extremely unsecure suddenly longing for a protecting vampire who can tell me everything I want to know about the secret world of unknown creatures.

The thrill of getting bitten


Forever young


Darling, dinner is ready!


3. Vampiristic: Living for ever

Extremely handy if you consider the fact that women normally live longer than men. But I definitely want to watch the one I love die. So that's my way out of it: I just take one who is not able to die. Simple, isn't it? Another advantage is that I bet that they don't have something like a midlife crisis, anxious to have a last adventure before they die without any responsibilities. Vampires don't feel the urge to buy a motorbike and cross the country without the wife and the kids before they get too stiff. A vampire has enough time to try out hobbies and women, ideally before we meet one. So when he is bonding with a woman he can relax and concentrate on her needs, how to make her happy.

Is it in his eyes?


4. Vampiristic: old fashioned

Isn't that sexy how the vampires often talk? Having lived for hundreds of year it's kind of logic that their language is rather old fashioned. Using a lot of posh words and applying lots of politeness it can make you feel like a proper lady. What a nice change compared to the often vulgar language of young men nowadays. No wonder women could be delighted if somebody comes along who is still asking their Dad for their hand. Thinking of "Interview with a vampire" the old fashioned suits and tuxes may play a part as well. Or maybe it's all about being different again.

What attracts you with a vampire?

Choose your favourite vampiristic

See results

6. Vampiristic: generous

You could make a fortune on your own if you just had more time? Well, no problem if you are a vampire, I would say. Can somebody remember a poor vampire who is playing the main character in a movie/ tv series? Hm, normally they are quite rich. No wonder, they had enough time to learn about business if they were interested. And also no wonder that they are normally pretty generous towards women. Even if they just inherited their fortune they hopefully learned over the years how to keep it, and he could teach his woman how to do it. Either way a glamourous life waits for her.

5. Vampiristic: strong

This one is obvious: strong means he can protect us. And, not being Xena, we want that. It is nice to be a strong woman, but it is also nice to have a man who is even stronger- physically and mentally. That's interesting since this is caused by our instincts - still. The instinct says: get a man who can protect the family. But does it make sense if Vampires cannot have children? Maybe that is the reason why Stephenie Meyer made it possible: Superdad Edward.

7. Vampiristic: sexpert

Hmmm, thinking of how long he lives already and how many women he has been together with, I am getting curious what he has to offer between the cushions. Which woman doesn't want to investigate this special creature and all its skills? The best is when he is not talking about his experience, being a gentleman. It just feeds your fantasy even more...

New vampire genres to discover

Writing this hub I just wondered if there is something like this in Bollywood style. I did some research and found out on YouTube: there is! Fascinating! I definitely have to watch more Bollywood movies. They even did a remake of the twilight saga. Below I put a YouTube clip with Bollywood news announcing the new movie Bloody Veer (Twilight's Indian brother). The other clip is a Dracula Movie (part of it) that I found.

Bloody Veer - Bollywood remake of Twilight

Dracula a la Bollywood

Tell me your opinion!

Now I would be interested what you think about this phenomenon. Which vampiristics would you choose to explain the crush on vampires? How did your interest in vampires start - which book, wich movie, as a child or as an adult? Do men feel similar towards vampire women?


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