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Cultivate an Aura of Mystery

Updated on June 18, 2014

Air of mystery

An aura of mystery works like a charm when it is used appropriately. People are inclined to want to know more about things and individuals they know little about. A mysterious persona invites a lot of interest and speculation. While some people are born with an enviable and undeniably powerful aura of mystery, some work to achieve the same effect and have been successful at it. The aura of deep mystery is often alluded to fictional creatures like vampires now being brought to the mainstream media with the popularity of the Twilight franchise and other which followed after.

Being mysterious can work to any person especially to a woman's advantage. Keeping a mysterious personality can be mastered skillfully and it is useful when you know how to make it work for you. This hub is will help you achieve just that without appearing trying hard. Craft a mysterious personality when you are ready to a world which

1. Confidence is the key

Confidence is a key factor to build mystery. Confident without cockiness is surely a very delicate task to achieve. Confidence means you know your value and worth as an individual. This way you learn to carry yourself with dignity. It you the strength to play with your assets and weaknesses masterfully. Finally, being confidence give you the strength to face the world without batting an eyelash.

2. Self-control

Building an aura of mystery involves self-control and discipline in ways you deal with others. It means knowing when and how much information you give, avoiding gossip and keeping emotions in check.

How to act in the presence of others will also determine if you have created an air of mystery around you. Never chatter endlessly, in fact, you may even choose not to answer someone who inquires about your life. Make use of body language to convey a message because words may not be needed at all times. A smile or a wink can mean a thousand words when given at the right moment.

Emotional control means always having a cool and unaffected demeanor at all times. Unnecessary show of emotions is a no-no. Similarly try not to indulge in petty drama among other people. Always maintain a reserved character.

3. Being aloof without being a snob and unfriendly.

Having an aura of mystery does not mean being rude and unfriendly. You simply know who to engage in deeply. Yes, you should stop aiming to be the life of the party from now on.

4. Intelligence and interest in deeper things

Mystery means depth and knowing about profound things in life will help build that air of mystery around you. Try to learn more about the world around you and get concerned about issues that really matter. It does not mean that you have to openly advocate for these issues, you just have to be aware of their existence and develop your stance.

Read and listen on what is going on around you. Get involved in a hobby that you are passionate about. This will make it easier for you to say the right things at the right time without having to go on a mindless chatter because you know what you are talking about.

5. The look

Looking the part is essential to adding an air of mystery. Being inclined to wearing somber and darker colored outfit will complete the look. Avoid wearing too colorful outfits. You never want to be the center of attention in the first place. Wearing classic outfits elegantly will score you points in the mystery department.

Use your eyes and body language to convey message when necessary. The eyes can be used to show approval, anger, love, and seduction. Actions also speak louder than words so learn to use your body rather than make noise with talking.

Being mysterious is like carrying a magic wand of sorts, it gives an other-worldly kind of charm which can be waved at the proper time. Having an aura of mystery will make people take you more seriously as they would not want to suffer consequences of messing up with you.

Now that you know how to play your cards right, start creating an aura of mystery and see for yourself how it workdto your advantage.


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    • FlourishAnyway profile image

      FlourishAnyway 3 years ago from USA

      The real mystery is why no one has commented on this hub before me. Should I have been more aloof? Had the confidence and self-control to read but not vote or comment? Nevertheless, I enjoyed both the topic and your approach.