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Why Women Want Alpha Males

Updated on October 24, 2013

Tom Brady of the Patriots

Football player alpha male
Football player alpha male | Source

The Reasons Women Want an Alpha Male

The reasons why would be to improve their standing in the community for a large part of it. The community will look up to an alpha male. The woman that he marries would be seen as being someone that was important. People would probably leave her alone. It is exciting to be with someone that other women want. Men that are stronger can be more exciting. They could also be a better looking male.

Then there is also the reason that they would be defended by an alpha male. People would be much less likely to bother you or threaten you with an alpha male at your side.

The way society is set up, the alpha male will also usually bring home the bread. Women need money to live on. The alpha male will make more money and that will give them a better lifestyle.

The women that hang around baseball players and football stars here in the United States, do not do that just because they are so cute. The players make millions of dollars. They are also strong.

These men that they choose in this way will also be able to pass on to their children their genes. They are stronger and smarter than other males. A strong woman will want to have a strong male partner. They can also then in turn protect the children better than other males can.

An alpha man should be achieving something that is important to the community. That is part of the fun and prestige of being with one. They should know how to do things and help the community. They can be someone that people turn to in time of need.

Alpha males may choose alpha females. That is not true all of the time. All of the women have a chance now. The alpha women could be too dominant for them. That is true especially now. They can choose the woman that they want.

Gorilla and King Kong Alpha Males

A gorilla, a more gentle creature than one might think.
A gorilla, a more gentle creature than one might think. | Source
King Kong and Fay Wray
King Kong and Fay Wray | Source

Star Trek Captain Kirk

Captain of the Starship Enterprise played by William Shatner
Captain of the Starship Enterprise played by William Shatner | Source

The Alpha Males

People frequently choose George Clooney as being an example of an alpha male. He could be playing an alpha male in a movie. But is he really one on his own time or at work in the movies? No, not really. The director would be the alpha male then since he is in charge. That would hold true for all of the actors. They can hold their own, but they are not really alpha males.

Their entire need to please and letting others tell them what to do does not really put them in the dominant male category. A dominant male does not look to other's opinion of him. He has his own opinions of himself and he goes with that. He talks to women that he wants to talk to. He does not look around to see what people think of him. The actors can be alpha males in the sense that they have many fans and they look good. They can have that type of personality. It depends on the person. Some can just be acting. It is a part of their acting to do different characters.

The head monkeys do not smile as much. That is known in psychology. It is as Dwight said in the TV show "The Office," for why he did not smile. That is because he said that he was a head monkey. There could in that sense be more than one head monkey.

Someone can be looked at as an alpha male in their own group, but to another group they can be just a punk compared to the other males. It depends on other people's opinions at the time. Human beings have developed into such different groups that many different levels of interaction are going on at once.

You may not even be able to pick out the dominant member of a group. If you are in a business setting, the dominant leader may not even talk to you if you are not in an important enough position. They are not jumping all over as the head ape would do.

Guys that are in Mensa would many of them probably qualify as being alpha males. They would be more intelligent. What they might lack in strength, they would make up for in brains. Brains have been an important part of human development. They would probably make more money. The positions that they have in life would probably attract more women. But just being in Mensa alone would not do it. The smarter people with higher positions would be the alpha males in an office.

I would add to that if they have charisma, it is a big factor. Rock group groupies come out and see the bands. They come because of the music and their looks and charisma. Rock stars and others can attract women and be alpha males because of their talent and money.

Are they alpha males? If enough people or women think that they are, then they are. They are the top dogs.

Women's Poll on Alpha Males

Do You Want an Alpha Male?

See results

Examples of Alpha Males

An example of an alpha male would be the descendant of Houston that I met. It was on a movie set. He was the center of attention of both males and females. He did not raise his voice but spoke in a steady, calm way. He did not smile a lot. Alpha males do not have to smile. He was taller than others. He was very good looking. He included everyone in the group.

Arnold Schwarzenegger did not start out in life as an alpha male. His father used to tease him and favor his older brother. He was called Cinderella. I have this from a radio show. Later he taught them a lesson by doing muscle building.

He became a champion muscle builder. He went to California and made movies. He married a Kennedy. He became famous. Then he also became governor of the state of California.

The movie "Straw Dogs" is an example of a fight between males. The term straw dogs is something that was given as a prize in China and then forgotten about. The attackers had been football stars in the area. They were no longer stars and not really alpha males. They had strength and aggressive qualities. They were too aggressive and criminal. Brains won out in the end.

Many women will choose brains over brute strength. There is also the appeal of the underdog. Men with brains can also be alpha males. A typical alpha would also have strength. But if the male with brains can win against males that are strong but not as smart, they in turn will be the alpha male. There are different arenas for them to be in. One alpha male could be out of his league on the football field but not in the boardroom.

Alpha Males in the Movies

Alpha Male Examples

Donald Trump
Donald Trump | Source
Joe Namath, Football star
Joe Namath, Football star | Source
Davy Crockett
Davy Crockett | Source
Tarzan | Source

Women's Other Choices in Men

Women may want an alpha male. All women do not. It is not like with other species where the males can pick and choose as they want. Females get to decide who they want now. There was still a bit of decision going on before. The females would acknowledge the alpha male before as being superior.

The alpha male may be too aggressive for some. They don't want to be dominated all the time. They do not like the idea of being told what to do. It can be annoying to be told what to wear. There is always the fear there to some that they do not measure up to their standards. It could be nice to have a man that wants you for yourself alone. You could feel like just an object to them that they want to have.

Other women may not want to bother with dealing with the expectations of some alpha males. They could be expected to entertain constantly and to look a certain way. Everyone does not want to be in the public light all the time. They may want to have their own friends. It could be just too much to deal with.

Just because someone is strong and or rich does not mean that all of the females are attracted to them. The females could go for someone else. Another guy that is more handsome could get all the females now. It does not just go by how strong the person is. Also the other guys could be more intelligent. That could be a big factor also. You do want to have someone that you could talk to. Football players may not be interested in your latest ideas on world politics.

Some other women actually prefer males that are looked on as being beta. They see it that way as being the easier choice. They think that in that way other females won't be trying to get the guy away from them. That could still be trouble for them.


If you look at the link here there are comments from women and men on the article from There are women that say they do not want an alpha male. One complaint is about the way they were acting in the Army. But I don't think the ones in the Army were all alpha. There can only be a few really alpha. There are guys that take advantage of being in the Army. Women do also. That is talked about in the second link down. There are other comments for and against the idea of alpha males. It is interesting looking at the comments they have on it.

Beta and Alpha Males

Alpha male - Superman, Beta male - Clark Kent

Alpha male - Sheriff Andy, Beta male - Barney Fife

Alpha male - Fred Flintstone, Beta male - Barney Rubble

Alpha male - Jake in "Sixteen Candles, Beta male - geek kid in "Sixteen Candles"

Alpha Male Test by Christopher Moore

Christopher Moore is the author of "A Dirty Job." At the end of the book there is a test to find out if you are an alpha male or not. It does look like fun. His character in the book is a beta male.

"Alpha Male - Congrats, you are that breed, that commanding creature for whom leadership comes (naturally). There is a good chance that you are a professional athlete, CEO, astronaut, or a military commander, gifted with size, strength, speed and good looks. You are universally rated by anyone who is not an Alpha Male, i.e., the majority of the world's population. Watch your back."


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      Chris 3 years ago

      Money can't be a factor in to this,most people on this planet don't have. It ,Money ,it's a western capital propaganda ,it's called shallowness

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      Too bad i'm far from an alpha male ! :( Nice info though

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