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Why Would You Stay

Updated on March 23, 2011
If I Could Figure Out What To Do
If I Could Figure Out What To Do | Source

Because in your heart of heart you know pure stubbornness is what is making you leave…, very silly.

Because you know there are a lot bigger things out there then what you are dealing with…

Because there are more reasons to stay then there are to go…

You’ve already asked yourself; am I being harassed or stalked… No

Am I being physically or mentally abused…? No

Do we argue…? Well yes, and so does half of the world

Are they overbearing...?

Sometimes yes, but most of the times No

If I ask them to do almost anything for me, will they do it…?

Almost always yes. Are we compatible physically and happily satisfied physically; without a doubt that’s not the issue. Well then what’s wrong?

You say I don’t know, I don’t feel the way I used to feel. Did you ask yourself, what is it that you used to feel that’s missing now?


Have you given it enough of your time to sit back to think about what used to work? Or, maybe thought about how you can try to get that something back? That’s not saying it’s going to be easy, however, something that is worth it usually never is? Have you ever wondered why is it that those who have something sure will try and walk away from it to find something that’s very unsure? Why is it so hard to stick with what you know rather than pursuing the unknown? Ever wonder why people want to go full speed ahead to achieve something they don’t have? Rather, if they put the energy in what they already have it could turn into something one could be proud and honored to share a part in.


Most of the time small issues can be solved with two willing adults or one person whose pride is not bigger than life. This one would say, “Hey, let’s talk about this and look here’s my part in this; here’s where I would like to improve. I want this relationship to work so I will start with me.”


Most relationships are destroyed because of selfish pride. No one is willing to say ok I will swallow my pride and go first. What’s wrong with saying, “How can we get back to such and such; that used to make us happy?” What’s wrong with not blaming one another whether it is because of something financial, children, work, friends influence and so on? Don’t blame, take the blame it wont kill you. Think back to that happy place and help to bring you both back there.


If you can examine your relationship and see you don’t have major issues, why not stick to what you know. Stop searching for the unknown. Why would you stay; because in your heart you don’t have a valid reason to leave. Don’t let foolish pride or the unknown take you somewhere you find out real quick you don’t want to be. Sometimes we find out the hard way then it may be too late to go back. Especially when all the time it was actually an easy fix. Stand up and fix it, don’t quit and give up its called work. It worked once, make it work again.  




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    • profile image

      Justsilvie 6 years ago

      Excellent Hub!

      It's much easier to just give up for the short-term because it can be hard work and/or painful. But you could spend the rest of your life thinking... What if I had...

      Love does not start in a day nor end in a week, month or sometimes for years so why do we often act like it does.

    • profile image

      Nan Mynatt 7 years ago

      Great hub and I maked you up on this one. Sounds like you had the experience on this one. I guess you have to be careful with words, some people just don't want to forget what was said.