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Why You Need To Overcome Jealousy To Have A Better Relationship

Updated on September 23, 2011

Jealousy is an emotion and typically refers back to the ideas pessimism and feelings of insecurity, anxiety and stress over and anticipated lack of something…

What about this definition defines a much better relationship? Once your thoughts are negative and you've got this kind of feeling of insecurity, spending additional time thinking negatively and less time focusing on getting love into your relationship.

Jealousy is really a debilitating emotion that blocks the healthy normal growth your relationship warrants. Whenever you take more time searching for defects you aren't utilizing your time and effort finding techniques to build upon your relationship and making your mate happy.

Individuals and people which have this kind of feeling is generally due to your own past or something perhaps that you are presently doing. Whenever you pass your negative feeling out of your own issues for your relationship this can be a sure recipe for disaster.

Since you possess an anxiety about losing this individual you block yourself from connecting and what usually happens is fear can make ones behave as they'd not normally act. This can stir bitterness and a sense of distrust inside your mate.

No one wants to become constantly accused of an offense they have not committed. Not to mention it is thoughts imagined up of your own ideas. This will make for any miserable relationship.

Occasionally due to past associations and coping with infidelity this can stir this emotion. However, remember no one forced you to certainly enter a completely new relationship. So why wouldn't you know and behave as if this is not a completely new relationship and then leave those feelings you fight with your past relationship.

No one wants to constantly be wrongly accused it gets old fast and one day you will find yourself by yourself. Jealousy is a hurtful emotion when someone is not given the chance to fully show their love to you because you have your tall wall up.

Jealousy has to leave your relationship. For individuals who have no proof as well as your partner hasn’t given reasons then don’t make one up in your mind. There is no room for this negative emotion in a relationship it only tears down. A healthy loving relationship is one that is built up. Give your relationship a chance, focus on over coming jealousy inside your relationship.


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