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we don't start out as dickheads

Updated on October 30, 2008

You get what you ask for


Not all men are dickheads!

The fact is that many men are not dickheads; but women seem to be drawn to dickheads. The result of this is that men learn that to be successful with women we must become dickheads.

It's not all that easy to be an asshole when we are not assholes or dickheads by our nature; but if we want to get good women we have to work at it.

We start out as nice guys but then we are either ignored or accepted as "just friends", which is worse than being ignored. But as friends we get a glimpse into the ways of women and we see that they all want dickheads for boyfriends. (At least all of the women we are interested in.)

So we start to be a little prickish and we get further. With this clear message we become pimples and life gets a little better so we graduate to buttheads. Now we are getting dates and having some fun so we move up to being boners.

Then after years of guidance, by the very women who will later call us dickheads, women we finally become dickheads and life is good.

I think the real question is why do bitches want only dickheads?

In the end you get what you ask for.


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    • Little Grandmommy profile image

      Gail 4 years ago from Small Town Tennessee

      Some women want nice, good men. The problem sometimes is that those of us who want these nice, good men only meet them in the aftermath of those other women ruining them.

    • Philanthropy2012 profile image

      DK 5 years ago from London

      Ahah, I think it's partly due to what we describe as a Dickhead or as the americans say "jerk".

      Part of it is the confidence and I think this is what women value the most - it is at least some form of strength and power which is what most societies dictate men should have.

      Nice guys tend to be quieter and less confident and this is seen as pathetic in the eyes of women who want someone to take control.

      That said, it's perfectly possible to be both confident and nice. Powerful and strong men who are also compassionate and caring for others whilst maintaining authority around them are very popular with women - but how many of these men are around?

      You often hear from women that there are 'no good men around' and perhaps this is true - they are faced with the choice of nice shy guy or confident dick heads Perhaps then they are the victims in this!

      I always hear of nice shy guys complaining that girls don't like them because they're nice, no, girls don't like them because they look pathetic!

      In short, niceness can easily be interpreted as being a pushover and weak - this pathetic characteristic is naturally very unattractive to a woman!

      Personally, I believe that confidence is the most overrated characteristic for a human - sure, you might think you're great, but that doesn't mean you are. So many unconfident people with incredible merits have missed out on so many opportunities because of this societal confusion!

      Just another frustratingly obvious thing the world needs to change: thanks for listening.


    • profile image

      jake 6 years ago

      m8 it don't matter their all money garbing out what there can get so let them and have a good time plus you get proper fitters

    • Borsia profile image

      Borsia 8 years ago from Currently, Philippines

      I would say that you are the exception rather than the rule.

      In all my years of experience it has been the players who are the most successful with women. I am one of those guys who wants a stable monogamous relationship and doesn't play games but it is very rare that women are attracted. Most come up with a "you are such a great friend, so reliable; bla, bla, bla" They just don't see nice guys in a relationship light. When I have acted "bad" they like me and see me as a potential mate.

      In other countries, or at least the ones I have spent any time in, it is the opposite. Women will go for a guy who isn't quite the looker, not that I am ugly, they pay far less attention to things like money or even age, and they put a very high value on reliability, faithfulness, thoughtfulness and all around niceness.

      So what is a guy who is simply nice at the core and who prefers to spoil his honey to do?     

    • profile image

      Justic2b 8 years ago

      I don't agree guy at all .I'd love to find a real and honest man/guy who isn't a dickhead.I have never been attracted to dickheads only they to me .Out of lonliness and or boredom I took them.And I never was a Bitch till they became dickheads.lets face the fact here if you spoil a dude just a little and give them your attention and love they become like little boys again .They are spoiled easy.And want more.Never dedicated.and get bored easy.Most are the same . when you spoil them a little they just autamattically want you to do all the work in all things.Till they've drained you physically ,mentally,spiritually and if they can financially.They are easilly spoiled brats.And like children (spoiled)they always want and only give when mommy makes em.

    • Borsia profile image

      Borsia 9 years ago from Currently, Philippines

      It is somewhat cultural. In China they put a higher value on nice guys. In South America they put a high value on nice guys who remain faithful. I have never understood why it is that in the US nice guys generaly finish last with women. Maybe one of the ladies here can explain why they want most the guys who aren't nice. I suppose it has to do with the idea of suspence?

    • profile image

      bloodluster 9 years ago

      well ya know that is the reason that you lose the girlfriend, so you should maybe think cause girls love nice guys like my bf we have dated for 2 years now and he is still a nice gut and he has NEVER accted prickish or any thing