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Why are women so brilliant? What qualities does a woman possess? What do men love about girls?

Updated on March 28, 2015
This statement is so true. A real man loves a strong woman.
This statement is so true. A real man loves a strong woman. | Source

The picture sums up a statement that every woman should know

Strong women scare weak men.

There has never been a truer word said. Weak men want a barbie doll on their arms to look good and do as they are told. A real man wants an equal, a best friend, he wants a life partner. So surely she has to be strong so they can both help and guide each other along this difficult journey.

I am going to try to bring my feminine side out when I am writing this and not think with a certain part of my anatomy as a lot of males do when they think of women. Yes there are a lot of qualities men love in women that I will not mention here because we all know what a man likes. I am going to think deeper in this hub and say what I admire in women.

I'm going to be generalising a lot in this hub to be honest; but I will be thinking about the women I admire in my life and their characters. I have met lots and lots of women in my life, some have stayed in my life - those who I admire, and then there are those who didn't fit these characteristics that I admire so I let them go.

So of course every woman doesn't fit these descriptions but I certainly believe every woman is capable of being like this:

A short blog on the differences between men and women when it comes to multitasking.
A short blog on the differences between men and women when it comes to multitasking. | Source

5. Multitasking

There has been a lot of talk recently about the fact that men can't multitask. This ability does have a lot of advantages to be fair but it also has a lot of disadvantages:


  • You can get a lot of things done at the same time.
  • You can actually get things done when looking after other people (kids or sick people)
  • You can gather a lot of different information from doing this.


  • If you are multitasking you do not give 100% to one activity so they are never done to the best of your ability
  • It can result in things not actually being complete.
  • Sometimes it can be rude - looking at facebook while you are having a conversation.

The fact women are good at multitasking is something that gives them a lot of pride. In fact I have heard this fact used a lot of times when it comes to the 'battle of the sexes' debates/battles.

I am a great believer that people should use their talents to help them in life, so ladies, go for it because in today's society, where we are becoming more and more busy, I believe you have an advantage to cope over us mere men.

A mother is a great example of how caring a woman can be.
A mother is a great example of how caring a woman can be. | Source

4. How much they care for others

A woman can see beyond her world. She has the depth of character that allows her to empathise with others and because of this she cares for them as well as being able to help them.

The most caring people in my life have all been women. They have all had a sixth sense when it came to how I was feeling no matter how much I smiled. I owe each of them so much for this reason.

Men don't tend to have this quality as much; they tend to concentrate a lot on their selves and their world (maybe because they are so competitive) and therefore don't see others in the same way as women do.

There is a draw back to this wonderful quality though because the more a women puts her energies into others the less she has for herself. This maybe a reason why women are not as successful as men in the world of work - a caring nature doesn't allow you to be self centred and concentrate on you and you alone. You do need to be selfish to achieve success in the business world today.

But just imagine how nice this world would be if everyone was as caring and nice natured as a lot of women are ...

A good listener knows when to talk and when to be quite and allow the other person to talk.
A good listener knows when to talk and when to be quite and allow the other person to talk. | Source

3. Being able to talk and listen

This may go without saying, at least the talking part; especially anyone who has witnessed a the phone bill after their teenage daughter has found out what the phone does. But that is a great quality, the fact that women have a better grasp with language than men do. It actually goes further than that though; women are more in touch with their feelings and so can talk about them. This is a great way to relieve stress - a fact that is backed up with the statistic that men have the hightest suicide rate in any age group.

Throughout my life I have always found it alot easier to talk to women. They have always provided a stability to my life and made me feel that I am not alone. This has been invaluable throught the years after some really bad lows.

It isn't all doom and gloom though when you talk; laughing, joking, flirting or even just telling someone about your day. These things make life worth living. Yes men can do these things too, but it is a different conversation when talking with a man - you have to big yourself up and be the man! When you talk to a women you can be yourself because there is no competition there.

Lots of pictures and great quotes for and about women.
Lots of pictures and great quotes for and about women. | Source

2. Stength of Character

A woman has to put up with a lot. Because they can emphasis with others they can take on their problems themselves. They constantly worry about their loved ones and want to do their best for them.

This can be a massive disadvantage to a women though, because this can effect her self worth - they never see themselves as worthy. It might be because they never put themselves first, it may be because they take things to heart too much. Too many women do this to themselves, and it does seem the nicest people can be caught up with this negative attitude.

Saying all that, a women who is strong, who is independent, but always take care of their loved one too are really attractive. This takes a lot of strength of character because women tend to think of others a lot more so to be strong and independent takes a lot more than say a man who tends to think of himself a lot more. I admire a women who has this quality.

A women who is confident enough to be by herself and not rely on a man to protect her is a really attractive quality too. A man can be assured that she doesn't need him the reason she is with him is because she wants him then initially. Of course with love comes need but not a clingy, 'I can't cope without you' need.

Lots of great quotes for men and women.
Lots of great quotes for men and women. | Source

1. Intelligence

I have already said that a real man wants an equal, a best friend so she should be just as intelligent as he is. In fact with girls achieving better results in every subject in schools and continuing to university you could argue that women are more intelligent than men. This has a lot to do with culture, that boys don't want to be seen as geeky, and the female friendly way schools are now set up, like how little competition is involved now in schools. But still it does show the Neanderthals out there that women are equals and they should be treated as such.

Personally I love an intelligent women whom I can talk for hours about different subjects and talk in depth. In fact, I know a lot of women who are more intelligent than myself and, again, I admire them for that. In fact I love spending time with them because I know they can help me out with my knowledge and how I see the world through great facts and talking in depth about different subjects. The brain is a muscle and needs a good work out after all.

There is nothing more unattractive to a real man as a barbie doll who can't put two words together - how boring!!!

What do you think a women's greatest quality is?

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I tried my best ...

Women are beautiful creatures and if we nurture them as they grow then we will be better off for it because society will be a better place.

I for one have tried my best to help my daughter developed all these characteristics for herself. I and have to say I am one VERY proud dad of the young lady she is growing up to be.


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