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Why brides from Russia are so popular? Interesting statistics.

Updated on July 26, 2010
Russian bride
Russian bride

"You are still ahead of the entire planet in two things: you have a fantastic ballet and gorgeous women" - the words of an alien on Russia. We are not going to talk about Russian ballet, but we try to understand why brides from Russia, or "shaggy gold", are so popular throughout the civilized world.

At first, unlike in many Muslim countries, Russian women are more open, and not only in face. They have not tabu like "nobody can look under the veil before the wedding", even if they seeking affair through dating site, you can see pure nude body. Is this good or bad - the question is certainly debatable, but the risk to take "a crocodile under a handkerchief" in Russia is lower. And even during the greeted at the airport she was not remotely alike her photos in the questionnaire - nobody can force to marry her just because now you've seen her real face.

At the second, there are some universal features of beauty: a wide slit eyes, straight nose, white skin ... Russian women have many of these signs. Here we must specify one more detail: in practice, specifically black female, for example, a girl can be much more attractive concrete blonde. And if you take the very specific European, you may find that he is going crazy from the girls from the land of the rising sun. But the majority of civilized men (ie educated on world literature and world cinema) are aware of only two women that have a skin with a yellowish tinge, but on the other wide of the eyes, and say that the second should be beautiful. And there is one more feature: the mass of white-skinned men dream about sex with a woman of another race, but now as the wife sees a woman like himself. This does not necessarily mean that it is the sort of woman he marries, but, intending to deliberately look for a wife in another country, in absentia, he simply cut off all the candidates of other races before the search.

Of course, there is also China and Japan, where men, though not blonde, but not against marrying Russian. This is explained by the fact that marriage with light-skinned woman, there is very prestigious. However, there is very important endorsement of parents, but they did not always provide.

But there is another reason that I think the main: it is very high competition among women in Russia. Otherwise: too many women and too little men. And hardened in these tough conditions Russian women can better compete on the international fair bride with women from other countries, competitive conditions which allow women to live a more relaxed life. Why does this happen?

Everyone knows the desire of parents to see a boy as a first child. It is especially strong, if the daughter can not legally inherit from their parents. If we add to that state regulation of fertility (for example: "one family - one child"), we find that in some countries there is simply lack of women. Due to some (and in some places and all) of the above factors, we find that in 100 women: India - 106 in Pakistan - 112, China - 120 men! And in some areas of China the ratio: 100 women and 130 men.

But there are still both Europe and America, and Australia, and Japan - all of these countries are also consumers of Russian "shaggy gold". There is the another ratio: for example, in Germany, Austria, Japan on 100 women representing 96 men. But in Russia the situation is quite different: for 100 women accounted for 88 men. Of course, it may be noted that in Latvia 100 women to 85 men, and in the Ukraine it does 100 to 65. But, first, the whole world has only recently begun to understand in general (and even then not always) that Ukraine, Russia, and Latvia - is not one country, but different places. And, secondly, Ukraine and Latvia simply by virtue of their size and volume of the population can not deliver as many brides as Russia.

But this relationship is not showing all the situation with brides. Initially, on 100 babies girls were 105-106 newborn boys. This is not a Russian characteristic, it happens all over the world. However, we must note that the number of boys with severe genetic diseases in times greater than the number of girls with similar diseases, but this fact does not change anything much. At school, girls are still slightly less than boys, but by the end of the school the ratio is approximately 100 to 100.

The man lives in average less than woman (in Russia, life expectancy for men 58.8 years and for women - 72 years). But it is not only and not so much because the men in principle is programmed to a lower life expectancy, but because much more often are dying in the prime of life than women. This happens for many reasons.

Firstly, men more often work in hazardous work. Miner, a military policeman - all male profession. A death in the workplace, for example, the miners, far exceeds the mortality rate in the production of librarians (who are mostly women). And all would do, but in Russia, mortality from non-compliance with safety in times higher than those in developed countries (which, naturally, does not include China and India, but the sex composition of their populations, we have examined). Yes, and the army the situation is similar. In addition, Russia has a very high mortality rate in road accidents and deaths in these men than women. Another, almost exclusively men, cause - alcoholism.

And then begins the most interesting things. After all, for that would be enviable groom (or bride), the guy (or girl) just need to be: not a disability, not an alcoholic, not a drug addict, not sitting (and often not sitting) in prison. From this list, there are exceptions, but basically the situation is what it is. In addition, alcoholic, drug addict or snakes is much more likely to die young and become invalid. In Russia among these groups at times more men than women, while they themselves indicators of alcoholism and the percentage of prisoners are much higher than in countries that are major exporters of Russian brides.

That's why Russian women had to be beautiful, and clever, and know a foreign languages.


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