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Why cheat when you all can love?

Updated on July 30, 2012

The fears

Many women fear that their man is going cheat on them with another woman. Many men fear that their bisexual woman is going to cheat on them with another woman. All relationships have their issues and flaws but cheating should never be one of them.

When a straight man is in a relationship with a bisexual woman the fears are doubled when the idea of cheating comes into play. They fear that not only will their girlfriend of wife cheat on them with other men but with other women as well. Many issues in relationships in today's society revolve around sex and intimacy. This is the main reason for people to cheat on their significant other. Why not eliminate the need to cheat by allowing a more fun approach?

The solution

Most men fantasy of multiple women in bed together with him, but the reality is that many men get scared off. However, when the issues in your relationship center around the bedroom and the woman is bisexual or just curious the solution may be to bring in another woman. This doesn't mean that you need to change around your lifestyle, just to be open to an encounter every now and then. Sometimes this can lead to much better relationship with your partner and sometimes it can open your eyes to a subculture where you are comfortable.

By allowing alternatives to your normal sex life you eliminate the idea of cheating. Of course, everyone involved has to be willing! This may just be a quick fix or it could be your answer to a fulfilled life. Yes, it might be taboo or frowned upon but you might just have more kink then you think.


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    • profile image

      Ghost32 5 years ago

      Cool little Hub.

      I'm in my 7th marriage. It's rock solid, interestingly enough, AND my wife's disabilities (manifested AFTER we hooked up--I'm not a "crip groupie") preclude her involvement in any physical romance whatsoever. But from the beginning, cheating was never an issue...because both of us understood quite clearly that sex and love are two quite different things.

      However, I would like to comment (positively) on your opening sentence. It caught my eye immediately.

      My first wife feared that I would cheat...and worse. At one point, some years into the relationship, she confided the fact that she FREQUENTLY experienced/endured unpleasant daydreams in which I left her for another woman. To this day, she believes that is what eventually happened. (The truth is that I decided first to leave her, THEN located the next lady before lowering the boom--because I was in those days rather a wuss about such things and needed the anchor.)

      So: My point is this: If you (male or female) do FEAR anything, cheating included...THAT VERY FEAR CAN ACTUALLY MAKE IT HAPPEN. It's a powerful drawing force, a magnet beyond compare.

      They say be careful what you wish for. In addition, 'twould be wise to also be careul what you fear.

      Voted Up Plus.