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Why do girls like older guys: Reasons why younger women date older men

Updated on August 12, 2013

Why do younger girls like older guys? Why would a girl in her early twenties start dating a man in his late thirties or even forties? What is it about older men that attracts younger women? Contrary to stereotype thinking which blames the lack of a father figure in a woman's life as the only reason why she fancies older men, this post is a practical discussion about things that make girls date older guys, including maturity, experience, money, stability and responsibility.

An older guy could have the means to whisk his lady love away for a weekend trip while a college student may still be working overtime at the gas station to pay for his own bills.
An older guy could have the means to whisk his lady love away for a weekend trip while a college student may still be working overtime at the gas station to pay for his own bills. | Source

1) Older guys have the means to have fun: Money talks

Older guys are assumed to have the means to have fun because they have better jobs and bigger wallets. This gives an older guy the leverage to take a girl out on fancy dates and portray the image of a guy who can be a terrific provider.

Money isn't the core attraction but the fact that an older guy can show her a good time in a way that none of her other dates have, will impress her.

2) Girls like older guys because they are more mature

Older guys typically have a more mature personality, a trait that is highly admired by women. Maturity in this context encompasses a lot of things including behavior, habits and instinct.

Right from the way how a guy flirts to how he behaves in front of an ex, a mature and calm personality will go a long way in impressing a girl who is crushing over him.

An older guy may know exactly how to impress his lady.
An older guy may know exactly how to impress his lady.

3) Older guys have more experience with women

Older guys have more experience in the dating department. For example, a thirty year old single guy will presumably have dated more women than a twenty year old. His greater experience at impressing girls and being the perfect image of a romantic boyfriend will work in his favor.

More experience in dating women will allow an older guy to be more charming through virtually all stages of a relationship. He will ask her out more confidently, charm her with flowers and occasional gifts, know which things to avoid saying to women in a relationship and even be more confident in bed.

4) Younger girls fall for an older guy's confidence

An older guy's smooth confidence may attract a woman more than a younger guy's brash display of confidence. A confident older guy will have a bold body language and be relaxed at the same time.

This smooth confidence trickles down into a man's behavior during dates and it can also be seen in the way he talks on the phone. It is a passive personality trait that a girl can instantly pick up from her very first few interactions with a guy who is older to her.

The aura of success can make a man look very attractive.
The aura of success can make a man look very attractive.

5) Being intimidated by an older guy's success and position

A girl in her twenties may find herself smitten by the charm of a very successful thirty five year old man simply because of his success. Women find the aura of a successful man very attractive because it means that the man is focused, he knows that he wants and he is committed to making his life better.

For example, a girl who is a fresh arts graduate struggling in her first job as an intern may be in awe of a single guy in his late thirties who is successful and has a commendable reputation in her field of work.

This won't make her desperate but if that guy decides to ask her out, there will be virtually no reason for the girl to say no to him for a date.

6) A girl may crave for the stability offered by an older guy

Older guys have a typical aura of stability which may be absent from guys who are much younger. Right from a stable job to having his own place, an older man is looked at as a person who doesn't have too many ups and downs in his life.

This perception of stability is attractive to women who see stability as a sign of psychological and material prosperity.

A girl may have had her heart broken a couple of times by guys of her own age.
A girl may have had her heart broken a couple of times by guys of her own age.

7) Bitter past relationship experience with guys of her own age

Dating an older guy may be a girl's passive emotional response to having bitter experiences with men of her own age. Her ex-boyfriend could have cheated on her or dumped her for other stupid priorities.

These experiences can lead a girl to believe that all guys of her age are not worth dating at all.

8) Girls perceive older guys are men who are more responsible

An older guy's overall appeal and body image ideally make him seem as a more responsible person than his younger counterparts. Younger girls who are tired of irresponsible behavior from guys of their age may be yearning for the responsible love of a man who steps up to the plate.

For example, a girl in her early twenties may have got tired of dating all the bad boys who take life a little bit too lightly. She may want a guy who cares about her, is serious about their relationship and is more responsible about his own life goals too.

She may be over dating the cool dudes who care about nothing other than wild parties and fun times.
She may be over dating the cool dudes who care about nothing other than wild parties and fun times.

9) A girl's wish to settle down: Hoping that an older guy wants the same

A girl in her twenties may have become tired of dating immature guys of her age. She may have dumped her boyfriend because all he cared about was nothing other than parties and fun times in the bed.

This frustration can lead a girl towards believing that older guys will be more willing to settle down in life. She may think that an older guy will want a meaningful relationship which has the potential of going all the way.

This sort of behavior is ironic because some older women like younger guys when they eventually become tired of the monotony and boredom in their lives. Dating a younger guy is a woman's chance to do all the fun things that she missed after getting into a marriage that did not work out.

10) Girls are known to mature faster than guys of their own age: Maturity gap

It is commonly said and believed that girls mature faster than guys. This can make a girl cringe at the immature antics of guys of her own age, driving her to look for potential dates in guys who are older to her.

For example, a focused and mature twenty one year old girl may find all the guys of her age ridiculously immature. On the other hand, she could be impressed by a career oriented guy in his late twenties who is past his immature days.

An older guy's sensibility can attract a woman and  make her feel like letting him take charge of their relationship.
An older guy's sensibility can attract a woman and make her feel like letting him take charge of their relationship.

11) The feeling of letting an older man take charge of the relationship

Constantly telling a guy what to do to keep the relationship alive, how to behave, how to dress appropriately for social events and other such advice may be common in a relationship in which the girl is way more mature than her boyfriend.

A girl could have become tired of being a mommy to her boyfriend all the time. She may be seeking the company of a mature older guy who can take complete charge of himself and the relationship so that she can enjoy the feeling of being pampered without worrying about silly habits.

12) Dating a guy who looks and feels like a real man

As guys age, they start looking like real men. Their facial features become fuller and their boyish looks disappear. This can be an instant attraction for girls who don't want to date guys who still look like teenagers despite being in their twenties.


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    • wpcooper profile image


      2 years ago from Barstow

      Some interesting ideas....would have liked a narrative though....

    • Tashaonthetown profile image

      Natasha Pelati 

      7 years ago from South Africa

      Older men are not mature! I think no matter what age group you go for, they never grow up! I love the hub and it's very interesting to read.

    • DDE profile image

      Devika Primić 

      7 years ago from Dubrovnik, Croatia

      An interesting outlook on this topic and yet so true.

    • wonderful1 profile image

      Sheila Varga Szabo 

      7 years ago from Southern California

      Interesting perspective. As an "older woman," I seek the same as the above examples. Unfortunately, men my age are harping over the younger women, usually followed by bitter venting about "gold-diggers" and "drama queens."

      Then there are the 20-something men who seek out "cougars" for their physical needs, but use the old spiel about wanting relationships with mature women as their lure. It's funny how so many women can be fed up with and frustrated by male behavior, regardless of age.

      Great hub! Thanks for sharing.


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