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"Why Do Men Lie''

Updated on August 11, 2013

"Why Do Men Lie"

Lying is the culprit that destroys any relationship.
Lying is the culprit that destroys any relationship.
Why do men lie when they don't have to, is it just a man thing?
Why do men lie when they don't have to, is it just a man thing?

"Why do men lie "

Sometimes, I believe men lie because they can, why would they if their mate has been truthful to them from the beginning.I have been in and out of relationships and I realize that telling the truth is a problem for some men. I want say all men because I don't believe every man is a lier, there are a few that really believe in telling you just like it is. We also have some women that's not totally honest too, but men seem to beat the women out when it comes to telling out right lies, that they normally get caught in. When it comes to telling out right lies, that they normally get caught in. If a women really loves her man and care about him, she 'll set there and pour her heart out to him and put all her cards on the table. He'll stuffed a few of his in his pocket and not be straight forward or honest with her.

I know this may sound strange but a women would rather be told the truth now, and get it over the hurt, then to learn about it later on into the relationship. Women Have more love and respect for a man that tell the truth than one that's constantly lying to them, because soon or later his word want mean much to her, in her eyes because of all the lies he has already told her .Men, can't you be straight and honest with your mate, especially in a new relationship, some of you start off lying, but if you can't base your relationship on truth then what else can you base it on. I know that if you start out by lying to your mate, then your relationship is already over before it get stared. Men, you say you want a good women and a good relationship but you lie and cheat, do you think that this make a good relationship? I don't think so, women want a man she can love and trust, and honesty is number one on her list.

If you can get a women to trust you, then you are home free. women are so honest most time their honesty is used against them in the relationship. We are talking about men that's not worthy to be in a decent relationship with a caring and honest women. Men, you need to get with the program and stop all of this unecessary lying that you're doing. There is no reason for it. If your mate has told you the truth from the beginning, you have no reason to doubt their honesty. Women aren't asking for anything that you don't want for yourselves. when you live a life of honesty an integrity you give your mate peace of mind. Men, being honest isn't taking anything away from your statue or character, if anything it's adding dimension and respect to who you really are. If I were you I would take the advice of a women that knows how important it is to find a man that telling a sister the truth of any matter.

I'm a true women, that can love and respect a true man that can stand on his own and be a man, if you think about it, if you can be truthful and honest with your mate, you'll never have anything to hide from her or him because everything will be in the open, and you don't have to wonder about which lie you told the last time .Men, stop playing the charade game of lying and be honest so you can live a happy and content life with the one you love. Remember it's always better to be honest and safe than to lie and be caught in it.

Benny Faye Douglass

Why do men Lie, when they don't have too.


Why men lie when they don't have too.



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    • creativeone59 profile image

      benny Faye Douglass 7 years ago from Gold Canyon, Arizona

      Thank you deblipp, for your visit and feedback. I gues that's true, but sadly enough it doesn't make the siutation any better. God bless you.

    • deblipp profile image

      deblipp 7 years ago

      Some people lie to create a persona, because they feel they're not good enough.