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Live and Learn: Sometimes I wonder........

Updated on October 11, 2012

Sometimes I wonder........

You ought to have gone through that mess in life before you can have a message for it. If you haven't been through a certain experience in your life and if you have not yet overcome that situation, I believe it is wrong for you to start sharing a message on it.

How can you share, really share a message on forgiveness, hope, love, success or failure and many more topics if you have not gone through any of them. The real message comes from real experiences but not something you get from a book.

For you to teach, preach, motivate and inspire others on a message of Identity, purpose or love, you ought to have gone through Identity crisis, dicovered your purpose or gone through the aches and pains of love before your message can be really valid.

How do you then deal with the tight knots in your stomach when people feel they know the answer to the questions of marriage, divorce, fidelity, adultery, fornication etc? when they have not experienced it themselves? How do you deal with people whose assumptions on a certain topic is only based on theoretical knowledge without the necessary application of such knowledge in their lives?

I do wonder sometimes if the 'answer giver', 'know it all' people ever consider what others have been through when it comes to dishing out the expert advice. I have no doubt people who gives out such expert advice without any experience of it at all, do not know the enormity of their ignominious remarks on people.

The question of divorce or no divorce was the subject of todays' office banter and gossip. I listened on as I heard the words spilled out of the mouth of many; remarks such as 'the bible says thou shall not divorce except in the case of adultery', 'the bible says once you make your vows at the altar, you must never break it', divorce is not an option before God, you will not enter into heaven if you get divorced et cetera et cetera.

I felt a fist of fury over these sort of statements that easily points out laws and orders in the bible without giving consideration to individual circumstances. The issue of divorce I believe is strongly peculiar to individuals and should be treated as such, I am sure Jesus would have addressed this sort of issue peculiar to individuals.

Remember how Jesus dealt with the woman caught in the act of adultery? people would have stoned her to death if not for Jesus' intervention. What about the woman at the well whose current partner was the fifth man she would be with and was not even her husband? Jesus again dealt with her peculiar case individually without imposing rules and laws on her.

The case of marriage and divorce is a very sensitive subject with those who have gone through such ordeal in their lifetime. Nobody would want to wake up one day and plan to get married only to file for divorce the next day just for the sake of it. Many people who have gone through divorce, woke up one day as a normal human being, fell in love with the love of their lives and imagined a lifetime of cherished love and comfort with the chosen one.

Passing on derogative, condescending comments and advice based on a primary notion heard from somewhere or based only on head knowledge will not only show the ignorance of the subject you are readily available to dish out advice on, but will also reveal you as a cold, insensitive individual with the public.

For all I know, people should not condemn anybody or overrule other peoples' feelings simply because they think they know what God will do to whoever has been married before and is no longer in the union. Apparently the vows you take before God on that fateful day is so important that if any of you break the rules, you are not allowed to remarry unless the other person dies. So a lot of lives are on hold because, simply because they made a mistake with the wrong partner or simply because LIFE happened to their love lives.

Imagine God as a loving father whose child has made some major error in life. The child realizing the errors of his ways and returns to God in genuine repentance; What do you think would happen? Will a merciful loving father reject his child? The child may go through the consequences of his or her errors but a loving father would not watch his child waste away his or her life, He would not allow the error to box the child in condemnation and destroy the life to which He has given to the child.

Sometimes, I wonder why people why do people cling to peoples flaws? Why condemn that which the Lord has not condemned? Why does the society especially the Christian society cling to what they should not cling to? the fact that we know the scripture well enough does not mean we know God that much, so much so that we know what He can do and what He cannot do. In anyway, remarks and comments such as this does not glorify God in anyway nor does it prove your knowledge of the Bible, neither does it show your love to God for God is love and if you cannot sympathise or empathize with his creations that you can see, how much more can you love the God, you cannot see?


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