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Why do people stay with the wrong person?

Updated on August 31, 2015

So many people are in the wrong relationships. Some is because of lonliness, others money and sometimes even sex. Here is an interview with someone off the record who explains why people stay with the wrong person.

Jen Panaro: Were you ever in a relationship with someone who treated you hrorribly before?

Off The Record: Yes

JP: What did they do?

OTR: Belittled me and my dreams. They did not make me feel appreciated. They got mad at me for everything And called me bad names. They had a short temper.

JP: How did it make you feel?

OTR: Underappreciated

JP: How long did it go on for?

OTR: A couple of years

JP: Why did you stay?

OTR: Because of fear of being lonely and too comfortable. Fear of lonlines.

JP: How did the relationship end?

OTR: It ended on it's own. We both went our seperate ways. We distant each other.

JP: Did it change your view on the opposite sex?


Have you ever been in love with the wrong person before?

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JP: Why?

OTR: I know there are nice girls out there.

JP: What are some reasons people stay in bad relationships?

OTR: Comfortness And the length of time

If you are wondering why people stay with the wrong person your answer is comfortness and scared of being alone. As hard as this sounds do not let that be the reason you stay with someone who makes you miserable. Life is too short to be with someone who makes you miserable. There is a perfect person for everybody. So be brave and embrace single life and when the time is right you will find the person who will make you happy.


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    • swalia profile image

      Shaloo Walia 2 years ago

      i agree...fear of the unknown, fear of loneliness, financial insecurity or emotional insecurity makes people stay in unhealthy relationships . But if you are not happy in a relationship, you should not be in it!