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Why do fools fall in love"?

Updated on March 16, 2013
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One of our hubbers recently asked, "Why do fools fall in love?"

Why indeed?
But...why not?
Is it only fools who fall in love?
Or, does one become a fool when she or he falls in love?

It all comes down to the "curse" or "blessings" - depending on how one would like to see or define it - of being a living, human being.

A living being - cause when one dies, does it matter to fall in love? Does it matter to be a fool who falls in love, when the last breath has been given away?

We owe it to our universe, our world, our reality, to fall in love or not to fall in love. It makes the world goes around.

I think the main issue of this question is, when a person falls in love, but the the other person does not reciprocate the same feelings. Yes, that scenario gives us, the unfair side, the feelings of being useless, unwanted. And it is easiest to conclude, "I'm a fool to fall in love." Does the conclusion do justice, however?

One lives. One feels. One becomes a fool for falling in love. So what? Or should we all stop falling in love? Rejection hurts. But when the time is right, when the right person says 'yes', should we not risk being a "fool?"


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