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Why do women walk away from me?

Updated on July 25, 2009

Three hot women

Stop being a dork around women

Have you even wondered why George Clooney has such great success with women and you don't?

I have been asked this question and I will start with the obvious:

He is a rich actor with good looks and talent as well as training to be what women want rather than forcing himself on women and being too demanding that they like him. He can pursue women without being a stalker or a clownish dork trying to get their attentions.

If you can't seem to attract women by being yourself, then by being a clown isn't going to help matters any better.

Sure, women like to laugh but you want women laughing "with you" not "at you".

When you can treat yourself with respect women will realize that you have character and a personality.

That's magnetic.

When you speak with a woman, don't look st her boobs, look her in the eyes and smile a little.

Speak to her, not around her.

Stand up and don't shuffle your feet, and certainly don't check out your shoe laces.

Face her like a man.

If it's George Clooney's success with women you want, take a page from his dating book: If you act successful and be the man she wants, you'll get her every time.


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      Dinda 3 years ago

      Click these two boxes if you want a chance with my box? Priceless

    • profile image

      Travis 3 years ago

      I already recdored the video response for this ^^ But I can't post it, the web page always freezes. I'm guessing this is just a temporary problem so I'll try again tomorow but still, if anyone knows a way I can still post it today, please, help me