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How to turn a friend to girlfriend

Updated on June 15, 2013

Friend to Girlfriend

I understand that many men who have asked a woman out on a date has had to face the famous response "Let's just be friends" .Most men will take this as a complete knock back, failure, rejection etc.. But quite often, the "Let's just be friends" statement can have various meanings, even though it's usually interpreted as one.

What do you do when you hear this from a women you'd like to date? Would you stop contacting her altogether? Try and be friends? or be a little more persistent and ask her again at a later date. You never know, it could be a test, she may be expecting you to try a little harder and reward you when you do.

I'd like to go into some of the main reasons why you will get this response.

A physical issue

Unfortunately in some cases, the reason is that she is not physically attracted to you. Nothing much can be done about that, new clothes, hairstyle etc. won't change a thing in this situation, but a least shes not disgusted by you and is willing to maintain a normal friendship. Friend to girlfriend conversion may be out of the question.However, it doesn't mean you are unattractive to everyone though. Everybody has their types, I'm sure there are many supermodels out there who your are not attracted too, simply because they are not your type.

Testing you

Some women do like men who are proactive and make a continuous effort to achieve their goals (in this case the goal is her). A women may be rather flattered by persistence behavior and maybe this is needed for this type. Persistent behaviour is too tiresome for a lot of men though.

Giving things time

Some women may be interested in you but still a bit weary about wanting to date. By asking you to be friends they may be using these period as a sort of "probation" period, by observing you as a potential boyfriend/husband, so don't ruin things by acting all laddish in front of her just because you thought you were being rejected. The friend to girlfriend transition may take time


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