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Why every Gay American: Should be thinking about the 2016 Presidential Election.

Updated on April 12, 2015

America: Gay vs Straight

I will say it even if no one else is saying it but we need our own hero for 2016 with Obama will leaving his post soon and the pending election at our door, this is the time to worry about protecting our future in our America also. No one knows at this point who will be headed to replace Obama, but there are 11 Republicans all with a point to prove and they are all talking about gay issues and setting up plans and making promises to voters to restore order in the name of religious freedom.

The "Christian Agenda" threatens our equality as "Gay Americans". With the wrong person leading our country, we could see our rights start to be ripped away from us, and we could be shoved back into our closets. The 2016 election will define the fight that is still left for our fellow gay brothers and sisters. Gays have been persecuted and condemned for centuries, the (Straight Conservative Christians) SCC are not ready to give up this fight.

This upcoming presidential race is something that every gay American needs to be involved in. This is the fight that we all have dreaded, and knew would be coming one day. Republicans are not looking to play nice they are looking to dismantle all that we are fought for piece by piece. Don’t fool yourself into thinking everything will be okay or that this is 2015 and no one can take our rights from us. Our fight for equality may be far from over, with the wrong person in the Oval office. This is not the first time a race or gender has had to fight and not only fight but stand up to the hate of the closed-minded people that are still living and running our America.

The ideas of building schools and giving us our own bathrooms are not because they are being friendly or wont us to have happy they want to segregate us. This passive aggressive poly's are like the snake in the garden of Eden. They want to Bully us into fear, a fear that has forced thousands of gay Americans’ to live hidden in the straight world for decades. Pretending to be something other than what we are, out of fear. A fear that never really goes away, coming out is something a gay person does for the rest of their lives, over and over.

Right now while there are people actively having meetings and writing bills to either discriminate against us or even worse kill us for being gay. They are thinking of ways to take our rights away from us, one by one. They have secret meetings to talk about how they want to shut us up and how we are damaging the fabric of life. People that openly say that LGBT people need to be killed or should die these people are leaders with followers that are teaching them the hate and spreading it that way, making it harder to know who is the person that is our biggest foe, we can’t see them, they are deep into our schools in our lives in every way just waiting for the right person to get into the White House so this reign of hate can spread further and further.

The LGBT community needs to find a voice, a leader, an ally that will defend and protect our rights. We have to find that person and put them into office. This election is going to become a Gay vs Straight battle. This will be the time that all those straight friends that said they are gay friendly will be put to the test. 2016 will be a year that defines those people and the LGBT community.


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