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Why friendship is the most important part of a relationship

Updated on April 9, 2011

Peace in Relationships

Peace of Mind
Peace of Mind | Source

Why Relaltionships Fail

To have a on going relationship that works each partner must without any reservations be each others best friends. Oh I know guys think, I would rather hang out with the guys. But in reality if your partner is not your best friend in life then the relationship is on rocky ground from the beginning. Relationship partners do not need to spend every moment of their life with each other but they should be thinking of them when they are not together and they should be wishing they could be together and they should be having fun when they are together. I know many people who have partners that they don't really like or want to be with yet for the sake of having a relationship they take what they can get. When you meet someone and you think their ok and nice, chances are there is no real connection. When you meet someone you really like you have lots to take about and there are plenty of things that are completely different from each other but you are able to respect the others desires and allow them the room to enjoy their own likes without it bothering you on any level.

Partnerships are 50/50 in all things in life but that is not to say you both do the same things. I know guys are jealous when the girls have a night on the town. The ones in relationships that are not good think their girl is looking for someone new and she might be. But the guys who love their ladies, respect their ladies and are best friends will never worry about it because they know their women is happy with them and happy in her relationship and is looking forward to coming home and being with her best friend. Friendship is the foundation of a solid relationship and if you are each others best friends you will help each other in all things and be happy to do it for your best friend who just happens to be your lover. Your best friend always has your back, they are always there when you need them, they don't lie to you, they don't cheat on you, they don't hurt you. Friends love, hold and cherish each other for a lifetime. Friends can argue and forget, friends can disagree and still respect each other. Friends like each others company and enjoy being with their partner and relationships fail because so many people don't think of their lovers as friends and never build that relationship between each other. Never spending many nights just talking about the myriad of subjects that interest each of you and your different point of view on each subject, like friends do.


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    • profile image

      Melly 3 years ago

      No distance of place or passage of time can lessen the friendship of those who are thoroughly persuaded of each others worth.

    • profile image

      baby 3 years ago

      i love you the way you are..